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Toronto Erotic Massage

Toronto is an awesome city when it comes to luxurious body rub massage experiences. Some people think erotic massage is only about sexual contact, but that’s only a side of the experience. Actually, Toronto erotic massage is more like an art - it’s an unforgettable way to relieve your everyday stress and meet your naughty expectations at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gentleman, a lady, or a couple, there are always great opportunities for erotic massage exploration and relaxation in Toronto. First of all, there are different places where you can receive sensual stimulation with massage techniques, such as Toronto massage parlors, body rubs, and spas . You can also hire the services of an independent erotic masseuse in Toronto . They are usually massage providers with broad experience in the business, who prefer to work on their own.

If you want to know where is the best place to have an erotic massage in Toronto, reading reviews is a must. They will help you to spot fake profiles, know if any Toronto masseuse is so sexy as she looks at the pictures, and moreover have a better approach to her talents. Does she move fluidly through multiple positions? Are there any ‘extras’? Some reviews are so detailed that you’ll know even if your Toronto erotic massage provider is perfectly shaved or has good makeup and perfect nails. Of course, reviews are subjective and you may have a completely different experience (or you may like something other people don't), but in general, it’s the best way to realize if someone will fulfill your expectations.

Once you’ve chosen a spa, a body rub, or a massage parlor in Toronto, you can go there and choose from the women on shift. Another option is to pre-book an erotic masseuse based on her photo on the place’s website. This is also a good idea if you have read reviews and found a massage provider that you like the most. Just visit the spa’s website (or her own if she’s a Toronto independent massage provider), make an appointment, and make sure she will be available when you go.

In the Toronto spa or massage parlor, you will need to pay a door fee. It goes to the spa owners and gets you a standard massage (usually for a half-hour). Some places have several rooms with different amenities, so the price could vary depending on which one you choose. If you want to share a sensual massage with a partner or to be handled by two stunning Toronto masseuses, this fee may also increase.

Once in the private room, you and the Toronto massage provider will get more intimate. She will probably make small talk, so you can feel more comfortable. After that, just take off your clothes, take a quick shower (alone or with her), and lie facedown on the massage table. Your Toronto masseuse will do all the work for you.

She will start to slowly massage your body until each touch excites you. When you finally feel more relaxed (and horny, of course), your masseuse will tell you the other services you can enjoy for extra fees. The ‘menu’ depends on where you go, but there are several options which are in almost every spa and massage parlor in Toronto. The Body to Body Massage is one of the most popular because, besides her hands, your erotic masseuse will use her entire body to massage and satisfy you. In the Body Slyde Massage, she will do the same but using oil to slide her body over yours. While a Nude Massage implies she will get naked, a “Nude Reverse” means you can massage and fondle her in return. Besides, some services include happy ending (or ‘hand release’) - Toronto massage providers are specialists in bringing you to the climax.

You can also add more spice to your erotic massage by asking for something special. For example, some massage parlors and spas in Toronto offer Tie & Tease services, BSDM massage, foot fetish, exotic dance, and erotic shows. Remind! Toronto body rubs and massage parlors are not the places where you need to be shy, but yourself. So, don’t be shy and ask the receptionist everything you want. She/he won’t judge you and -what is more important- will manage to fulfill your desires with complete discretion.

Some erotic masseuses in Toronto also offer ‘extras’, like oral sex and intercourse. However, as long as not all the Toronto erotic massage providers do that, ask her kindly and respect her boundaries. When the deed is done, you can spend some time chatting with your masseuse or just tell her you want to be alone.

If you have never had the pleasure of feeling all your senses stimulated by a sexy Toronto masseuse, there are some basic things you must know. And if you’re a regular customer, it’s always good to remind them. First of all, communication is always the key. We know it may sound like a cliche, but it’s really important - not only to know your masseuse’s boundaries but also to let her know when you don’t feel comfortable. It’s quite normal to be nervous (especially if it’s your first time) but be honest and everything will go better. Secondly, Toronto salons have different top-quality massage oils. You can usually choose between them. However, if you have some allergy, say it before something bad happens. Last but not the least, be respectful all the time and don’t forget to tip your Toronto erotic masseuse. Most customers tip between 15% and 20%, but you can be more generous if you want. She will remind you for the next booking, and may give you a better and more personalized service in future.

Now you know a little more about erotic massage in Toronto. The city is full of sensual experiences and some of the more beautiful elite women are specialists in the ultimate sensual and mind-blowing massage techniques. Toronto massage providers will exceed your expectations and amaze your deepest desires. So, what are you waiting for?

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