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IN-Call Adriana @ Maximum. Thanks for reminding me Clint


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Jan 5, 2010
Warning...this is a ridiculously long review. If you want info on this SP, Clint E posted an excellent normal review that you should read. However, for those who have some time on their hands...........................

I woke up the other day and my balls were so heavy I could hardly get out of bed. I needed professional help. My booking attempts were as follows: Alize, unable to have sex that day for a very sexy reason I won't get into..Giselle,scheduling problem,Mia not working,katie(Max) not working..finally Adriana. I didn't know much about her and decided to TOFTO (take one for the Olayda)

Easy booking , nice downtown condo. Adriana opened the door without hiding behind it and greeted me with a soft kiss. She was wearing a sundress and her breasts were spilling out of the top begging for attention. She's totally a GND-really pretty. Definitely not a spinner, not chubby either,just a curvy hot body with large fantastic tits

She spent the first 5 minutes trying to get her cellphone organized. A bit irritating, but when she finally sat down beside me and swung her legs over my lap I quickly forgot about it. DFK session next, just like making out with your GF on the couch. She led me into the bedroom and slowly undressed me. Her manner is sweet and giggly-not hot and sexual, but remember, she's got great tits .

Sometimes I like to use quotations to give a general feel for the session, so here are a select few:

"What are you going to do now?"....that was her, not me
" I want to suck you some more"
" Mmmm, so do you"
"Want me to get on my knees? "
" Should I push them together like this?" (yes, you should)
And the oscar goes to: " OMG,you came so much. It's on my face and my chin,down my neck and even on my chest"..... (Yay me)

We started with her on those knees and a wet BBBJ no DT. She crawled up on the bed and lay on her side as I kneeled in front slowly, softly face fucking while I rubbed her thighs and ass. Lads, this girl has the softest skin I have ever felt..OMG. We switched up and she went down for prolonged wet BLS until my bag was dripping with spit. She spit into her hand and stroked me at the same time. Yowza, felt and sounded like the greatest duo BBBJ ever. I suddenly felt I was going to end up with a $250 HJ so she had to stop that and slid down and rimmed me instead ( yeah,that's going to help). You know, the last 5 SP's I've seen rimmed me. Maybe when my brother in law said "Nice, asshole", as I spilled my drink on him, he meant it literally.

I couldn't take the rimming and BLS anymore and came so hard I almost shat myself (see oscar winning quote). I got her a warm towel to clean up. She said, " I should be doing that for you"... Maybe, but I don't have cum all over my face.

Spent some time in meaningless fun conversation untill she started playing with her tits a lot, moaning a bit looking at me and licking her lips. Oh my. I headed south to a gorgeous pink baby smooth kitty ( really the nicest I've seen next to Felisia who has a soft pink rose between her legs). Like Felisia, she began playing with herself thrusting a finger in and out. Soon it was her finger and my tongue together. Responsive to Daty, fondling her tits and sucking on her own nipples. I was so hard I felt like a 15 yr old face down at a topless beach..that feeling of pleasue and pain. Then we then both played with her tits,her sucking the right me on the left, then switching up,then both on the left - the areola easily having room for 2 tongues.

She sat up for Russian wrapping the Zepplins around my cock and sliding up and down. I pushed her gently down on her back and she said," Oh I see, you want to cum all over my face again". Hey, you know what, that's so crazy it just might work. I went to work on it but suddenly her cellphone started screaming loudly. I shrivelled like a frightened turtle head. "Oops, sorry, guess it's time. ",she said....WTF?. I showered,changed,she kissed me nicely at the door and I left.

What can I say? Gorgrgeous girl,smoking body,serious skills, but no skip in my step when I left as I kept thinking about the jarring ending. Maybe that was just me, this girl is spectacular and I would definitely recommend. No FS as I was having too much fun with the oral and Russian..... I may repeat just to get inside that kitty.Hope the review wasn't too lengthy. Just trying to inform and entertain.

Post script: Since I saw her she went on extended vacation and I understand added implants to her already enormous rockets.
Will repeat soon. I just gotta check this out.
Re: Adriana @ Maximum. Thanks for reminding me Clint

mynameismo said:
Should call you Sir a review for the stars you give me a good laugh with your reviews. Are you Asian as I am?.

I'm not even close to Asian, Mo. I don't even like Chinese food.

Glad you enjoyed the review buddy.
Re: Adriana @ Maximum. Thanks for reminding me Clint

If you write this much review when you have only oral session, i cant really imagine how the review will be when you have FS!
Nice review Olayda, she sounds very promising...though i can relate to your mild dissappointment about the ending and cell phone...stuff like that makes me hesitant to book with agencies like Maxx when I have never had it happen to me during my experiences with Mirage, Roommates and Exquisite...the Tier 1 agencies seem to have a good grip on customer service details that make a difference.

Just my 2 cents.
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