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Jan 5, 2010
I recently saw Adrianna for the second time. I've reviewed her already so more info would be redundant.
Just thought I'd describe a fun half hour with a fun woman. Adrianna is not DDG and does not have a models body and has small tits, but she's a blast/openminded/soft skinned and blows me pretty much exactly how I like it.

Nice downtown hotel, etc... I hopped in with my crutches and she gasped.."OMG, what happened?" I told her I crashed my bike and she said " That's hot ". She doesn't think I'm hot, she's just goofy and says 'That's hot' a lot. It's kinda cute.

Anyway, I told her I was a bit hindered by the cast and intermittent jolts of pain and asked for oral only. I think we were both happy.

She told me to sit in the armchair while she shimmied and gyrated her ass in front of me as she rolled down her panties. I spanked it and kissed it and buried my face in it until she was on her knees and began the festivities. I love her head....soft and wet. All the way deep with tongue swirling while she's down. She held up her hair in a pony tail and I said " let me get that for you sweetie ". She Mmmm Mmmm'd her approval as I guided her head up and down my cock at the pace I wanted. She's very compliant. She moans softly throughout the blowjob, which really turns me on too.

She then spent some serious face time with my balls and taint while slowly stroking my saliva lubed cock. Non stop soft sexy moaning. I thought I might cum so I grabbed her hair and pushed her back down on my cock. ( I'm not sure why I thought that was a good idea, but there was very little blood circulating in my brain at this point ) I then stood up and she sucked and slurped happily on her knees, then leant her back against the bed. I threw my bad knee up on the bed and stood on my good one as me and her face fucked for a while.

Onto the bed with me on my knees. She just kept sucking and slurping while I fondled her luscious ass. Finally onto my back as she said " time to work it". Work it she did with great enthusiasm while gently tracing her fingers around my balls ( Hoo boy..) I told her I was going to cum in her mouth. She moaned and opened her mouth as I came on her tongue. She let it dribble out and run down my shaft while she slowly kept sucking me until I stopped writhing and lay motionless............The kill was complete.

Again I will say, that beats Mr Sub for lunch.
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