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IN-Call Adventures of PD-Cassidy @ Entourage


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Dec 19, 2009

I'm not a huge fan of prebooking but Mike and Zoran from Entourage made it a breeze. With some girls you either prebook or you'll never see them. Cassidy was one girl I just had to see. She was staying at an upscale downtown hotel. I wish Entourage had more girls in the downtown area.

Cassidy opened the door and my jaw hit the floor. She looks just like her pics. Long flowing strawberry blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. I put the donation down, she gave me a kiss and off to take a quick shower. I don't usually hobby on weekend nights but I had to ask myself,"how lucky am I?"

Proceeded to the bedroom and we started making out right away. Cassidy smelt great with a slight hint of smoke. I didn't mind even though I'm an ex-smoker myself. Her BBBJ was fanfuckingtastic. Probably the best head I've ever gotten from a 19 year old. Played with her awesome titties while she blew me. Time for me to taste that sweet kitty. Yum.

Put on the love glove and time to boogie. I think we tried like 8-9 different positions. Like a quarterback, I was making creative call plays and even did an audible once or twice. With seconds left in the 4th quarter, touchdown. This girl can fuck. Too bad she's only here twice a month.
Definetly going to make some room in my weekend for her again real soon.

Added value to my spank bank-priceless :lol:
Re: Adventures of PD-Cassidy @ Entourage

Very entertaining review dude yes she is all natural the PERFECT breasts and agree she is not PSE but I had a great GFE experience with her as well.
Re: Adventures of PD-Cassidy @ Entourage

Awesome review, PokerDude. Very entretaining. Cassidy is truly amazing and only gets better the next time you see her. She has such a hot body for a 20 year old.

Re: Adventures of PD-Cassidy @ Entourage

4Times said:
She is 19. In fact she recently turned 19 so her skills are even more impressive.
My bad, I thought that she was 19 before and recently turned 20. I agree with you regarding her skills. They are truly impressive.
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