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IN-Call Adventures of PD-Hailey of Naughty Girls


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Dec 19, 2009
After reading 4X's stellar review of Hailey, I jumped at the chance to see her. In fact, this was the quickest I've ever gone from reading a review to booking an unknown girl. I saw her literally an hour and a half after reading 4X's stunning adventure.

The pics of her were hot and I was ten minutes away from the incall location. Mark was very easy to deal with. I arrived at the spot and Mark let her know I was running 5 minutes late. She opened the door in what a typical univeristy student would wear. She looked a bit uneasy at first but we chatted for a bit and that seemed to put her at ease. Excused myself to the shower and thought to myself, "PD, you are one lucky bastard" One minor point, no paper cups or solo cups for the mouthwash. No biggie but on my return visit with her this week, still no cups. Mark, I'm going to bring some with me the next time I see one of your ladies lol.

Hailey was waiting for me on the bed wearing a nice bra and panty combo. We talked a bit about the weekend, future plans, etc. Then the fireworks began. Started making out and she can DFK with the best of them. Not quite Kareena quality but the potential is there. I'd say she was on par with Tyler at RM when it comes to DFK. Off with her clothes and I went to town on her breasts. While not huge, they were sweet little honey B's. I laid back and she started with an awesome sloppy BBBJ with lots of spit. I held back from blowing my load and had to taste her little kitty. Yum. The TV was on in the room and it was one of my favorite shows. A bit distracting but PD is a tropper. I set my mind to the task at hand and we both enjoyed a prolonged DATY session.

On with the party hat and she climbed on top for some CG. Started off slow and then she really started slamming it into PD jr. I was like, damn if she misses it's going to hurt. Well it didn't take much time for me to finish with Hailey riding it like she stole it. I cleaned up and we chatted a bit more. Hailey isn't very talkative but she laughed at my jokes and even got some obscure references that I made. She was way more open the 2nd time I saw her.

I made my way in for some more DFK and then she started BBBJing me again. Again very sloppy with lots of spit. She did this DT thing on PDjr going down to the base and holding it there. WOWZA. SOG #2 ending with CIM. Pretty sure it wasn't a SW as my test for SW is if she can talk before running to the washroom.

She has star written all over her. A little green behind the ears but I like them a bit shy for a change of pace. Still haven't tried the back door but I will in due time. I'll see her for part III once I squeeze a session in with Lola and Maii, then if the stars align hour with all three of them.

Thanks once again 4X, next pint is on me brother.
Senor Gomes said:
Senor dude 2 visits and no Greek :eek:, don't know what you are missing she is so tight. My take is she likes is more by the ass just my 2 cents.

We all know you are the lube-less Ass fucker Gomes, not everyone is into that. PK you mentioned Kareena kissed better I found Haileys' kisses out of this world. Have not seen Kareena yet plan too.
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