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IN-Call Alex is not great, She's Amazing!



Alexandra is not great, she’s AMAZING!
Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is from my POV.

Once again, I am blessed with the luck of the Irish!
I had been researching reviews and had shared messages with Alexandra, and we were finally able to arrange a play date! Woohoo! Alexandra’s website is absolutely accurate. Well, it really doesn’t do her justice, she is very pretty! In the way that you would look at the woman in the store or at church, you see the sweet woman, but inside of Alexandra, there is an insatiable lust itching to be scratched!
Everything that I had read or heard was that Alexandra was absolutely wild, and I’m really not a wild and crazy guy;) I’m much more of a romantic and smooth operator like this guy! Alexandra said that I was being too modest and that I was more like this guy!
Alexandra really appreciated my oral talents too! There is a completely different side of Alexandra, which is passionate and sensual. She enjoyed that I took charge and wanted to tease and be teased by this sexy woman! We changed our angles and I now had an incredible view of her devouring my manhood, while I let my fingers do the walking!

Our adventure was definitely smooth and sensual from start to climatic finish! We enjoyed a tryst like no other, and together we travelled the globe in just a few hours!
The pleasure of having Alexandra melt into me for a few short hours will not be forgotten. Aside from her many talents, she is a magical kisser!
Beenthere123 said:
Hof some like them skinny others curvy some don't care how they look. What is your preference besides great service.

For me, I know as soon as the door opens if we're gonna have fun!

I like a welcoming smile, eye contact, gentle-yet sensual kissing, the body has to fit the person and her personality.

I do try to find the good in people; however, I've my share of disasters over the years. Yes, I do post about them too.

I have
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