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Dec 8, 2009
'Dead On Arrival'

Looking through her web site, her pictures give the impression of a hot soccer mom type. There have been so many great reviews on Alexandra that she was a must on my TDL. Her website has one subtle warning that should be taken seriously, "I am very physical and you should be too, or else I could overwhelm you." This was a turn on for sure because I was looking for an athletic session, little did I realize what I was in for.

Being that I don't like to rush my sessions now, I most often book 2 hour appointments and this would be no different. The booking went easily by email with all arrangements made.

She works out of a nice airport hotel that is conveniently close to the highway. When I arrived, phoned for the room # and within minutes I was at her door. As the door opens I am pleasantly surprised, yes the pics in her website are definitely her but IMHO she looks much better in person as I like the well proportioned curvy body type. I Was greeted with a hug/kiss and off to the shower I go. I should mention she is a really good kisser which is important for me.

Alexandra is a great lady with such an easy going fun attitude, made it easy to get lost in each other for our time. Before you know it we were DFKing which did lead to many fun and some quite athletic activities. With regards to positions, since there were so many different things we tried the action is somewhat of a pleasant burr. There is no way I could give a blow by blow account of our time, firstly there was too much to account for and secondly this was educational for me as I didn't know half the names of the positions we tried. I went through all the positions listed in Sex 101 and just listed below the ones I recognized not in any particular order. There were more but not listed, goes to show Alexandra should write a book on positions.

Asian Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Crab, Deck Chair, Deep Impact, Standing Doggy-Style, Drill, Fusion,
Missionary, Missionary - Inverted, Oral Therapy, Scarf, See-Saw, Spread Eagle & Usual

This much is for sure we both had a great time and there was much pleasure to be had for both of us. During our discussions I found that she is an intelligent lady and pleasure to talk to. One thing I found very cute and sexy is her giggle, its like a hint of innocence from this sex kitten.

After such a physical session and my 2sog I was DOA. What I did discover is i'm not in the shape I should be to run a marathon, this is the closest feeling I could compare to. As they say the best way to keep in shape is keep up with intense exercise, but I would rather keep seeing Alexandra.

As the old saying goes YMMV, we did have a good connection and are compatible.

Would I repeat - absolutely yes
Re: Alexandra Review

Does she do role play, she have uniforms?
- You will have to ask her, its not advertised but you never know until you ask.

Is she the long DFK type? Hope when I see her she keeps same menu.
- Of course its always YMMV but her reviews are very consistent, making sure you are clean & respectfull goes a long way.

Re: Alexandra Review

GD appreciate your well written review, do not hobby as much as I used to and trust your reviews from other sites as well. Thanks will keep her in mind when I have the time to se a true GFE.
Re: Alexandra Review

Very good review GDL. I have seen Alexandra in duo with Charlie Girl. It was a blast!! Both ladies are great

It would surprised me if someone had bad session with Alex. She is great woman in anyway!
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