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Nov 6, 2009
The pics were like a magnet for me. I love a hot woman in a red bikini. Entourage had this little treat in the airport area, so I was raring to go.

Let me tell you this is one smoking "A" grade looking lady. This is the type of girl that would definitely give most a bad case of whip lash as she walks past.

Pic are exactly what you get, no tats, just a tanned sexy lickable body and WHAT a sexy booty. I will add I believe that red bikini top is a padded bra, her boobies are small but I enjoyed them, nice responsive nipples. DAMN!

Service wise LFK, DATY, DATO, DIGITS front and back, CBJ and FS I am sure but again I decided to go with a 69 finish as I couldn't get enough of that booty.

My only let down was the CBJ because I wasn't expecting it. The fault is mine because I didn't ask the booker, I just called, asked if she was available and drove like a bastard to the incall. I knew she was on schedule because I had checked on my crackberry and just was lead in like a fish chomping on a juicy baited hook. :oops:

She is new and no services are listed yet so I was in unchartered waters. Nevertheless her looks and friendly demeanor carried the session to a very nice finish. Believe it or not I would repeat even with the CBJ.
Re: Alexxis@Entourage

If I had known it was CBJ, I probably wouldn't have booked the lady, especially with no prior info on her services. In this one case I am glad I didn't know, 2 days later and I am still getting a woody thinking of those hips, luscious ass and pretty face.

SHIT, I am suppose to take my socks off before I get in the shower? :)
Re: Alexxis@Entourage

Nice review Ray, if I had known I would have gladly cockblocked you! I even know how to spot you now, look for the guy with a snake hanging out his zipper and wet socks! :lol:
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