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IN-Call Alexxis (Entourage)


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Mar 5, 2010
Met Alexxis a few months back at the Dixie / 401 location. Nice looking girl. Pics are accurate but her hair on her head is now dyed black (she is a natural Blonde).

She is very personable. Was greeted with a hug and a kiss. Post shower started with average CBJ (would have preferred BBBJ) which only lasted a minute. She then lubed up and switched to CG. Even though she used lube, she still felt nice. Wanted to switch to reverse CG, but she does not like that position (says it hurts her). So I switched to mish, and then finished in doggy.
(Digits & LFK OK)

Overall performance was mechanical. Good looking girl with friendly demeanor.
(Entourage usually supplies better GFE).

Her services should be in the $120/hh (overpriced at $150/hh).
Repeat? - 99% No (1% yes when I want a friendly hot chick).
If I remember correctly the other review had complained about the CBJ as well. Too bad, she is a looker based on the pics. Entourage had some mixed reviews on another lady as well, I just can't remember at the moment.
forestgrumpy said:
Cannot win them all Frank, who is next in your list.

I have a date with Sonya (Entourage) tonight. Spoke with Mike and says that she provides good service (like London) but with different personalities.

Only booked for the half since the run of "bad luck".

If my luck improves I wish to try a lady from "Naughty Girls" but I try not to venture downtown.
Beenthere123 said:
Frank you are 0 for 3 in luck with OK sessions. I don't get it why don't you see well reviewed Indis or from top notch agencies???

I think that I am in some sort of funk that will eventually work itself out. I was with MacKenzie (Entourage) and had a real good session (I would say almost on par with Kareena). However when I re-booked her later that week, the session was only okay (a little bit of a let down actually) but upon leaving I noted that she had a "friend" come over afterwards and her mind may not have been at the task at hand.

When I saw Alvera @TP, she had just lost her cell phone. Her mind may also not be in the right state.

With the way things are going right now, I may have a session with the best, and the guy right before me may have pissed her off ... who knows.

I believe that it will work itself out ... hopefully in an hours time.

I do believe that Entourage employs top notch ladies (and that means everything in this business).
Guido said:
A CBJ isn't the end of the world, if the lady knows what she's doing and everything else is on the menu.

I agree, if I am getting a CBJ from my wife, mistress, or one night stand; no complaints ....

but if I am paying for a service, I will pick and choose.

To each his own.
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