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IN-Call Alize of Mirage

hateliver said:
Great review thetank.
7.5 and she is beautiful, wondering who is a 9 for you?

You know what, you are right. She is well more than a 7.5. I changed my review to an 8 for face . . . and honestly, she's probably an 8.5. I just worry sometimes that I am too generous with the numbers. I don't want to unfairly mislead my fellow HUBGFEers.

I guess I am just easily pleased.

This is a great hobby.

king21 said:
I read somewhere that Alize resembles Alicia Silverstone, is that true?

Pretty fair resemblance to AS, but would say Alize has a more sophisticated worldly look, as opposed to fresh co-ed look, if that makes sense?
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