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IN-Call Allison @ RM - Super GFE



Based on strong recommendations from Sara regarding our likelihood to click, and super endorsements from a number of you dudes who’ve already had the privilege of meeting her, decided to spend my afternoon in the company of the lovely Allison @ Roommates.

Man, talk about “exactly as advertised!” Pics online just don’t do Allison justice~ this lady is very beautiful, and very sexy – facially resembling Courtney Cox in passing fashion, terrific athletic spinner body, superbly firm round bum, delectable A’s with responsive brown nipples you lick, suck and nibble for hours~ Nice wavy dark hair to her elegant shoulders, and perfectly smooth skin from tip to tail (and believe me, I checked every inch in between!)

Arrived on time, booking smooth as silk, real nice, clean and well appointed suite – and for some reason, the mood lighting at Roommates is always spot on, and invariably gets me in the mood for play.

Without going into my typical detailed kinky blow by blow, I’ll say that if I had to describe my three hours with Allison, I’d say absolutely a GFE experience, with some playful light PSE, and a TON of fun! Allison has the type of personality and sense of humor I adore – offbeat, direct, sarcastic and somewhat acerbic – a few times she had me laughing so hard I thought I might piss the bed! Our encounter was everything you could ask for or desire in terms of a real girlfriend experience, and as the age old saying goes, time flew by and I was so enthralled, she made me completely forget it was a service. The pendulum swung from hesitant and nervous, to passionate and intense, to fun and easygoing, finally to sexy, erotic and yes, somewhat kinky.

She’s a great kisser with very soft lips, a curiously adventuresome tongue, and hands that roam freely over every inch of your body as she expertly plays your nerves to get you hard as rock, over and over again. Her menu is accurate as published, and highlights for me were absolutely her DFK and very aggressive, almost dominating doggie. She managed to get me past 3 SOGs in the session, and overall, I really enjoyed myself immensely during the action itself and during our downtime where Allison really made me comfortable and relaxed with her charming personality and wicked sense of humour.

If you’re into a true GFE session with a gorgeous spinner, Allison is definitely the hottie for you!

By the numbers for me:

Looks & Body: 8.5
Attitude & Charm: 9
Service: 10
Hygiene: 10
Repeat: Absolutely yes

Awesome D2K5. Allison is my kinda girl, spinner with PSE tendencies but most of all, passionate.

Nicely done and thank you for the info on this little gem.
Demien she is one of the best SP in the business. She is pure sex sex and more sex and must agree with you she has a great sense of humor. Every member here should see this babe you will not be disappointed. Thanks for the review dude.
Thx Guys - as I learned, sometimes it pays to ask Sara for her recommendations on who will be a good fit in terms of chemistry among the models on schedule.

To answer a few questions: a) I'd qualify Allison as a spinner based on her overall slim, toned size, medium height and A cup bust b) I'd say 95% of the time I only do three hours sessions, very occasionally I'll do two hours, never do singles or halves...for me 3 hours is just the right amount of time to be able to relax and really enjoy the ladies' company and the end to end game each girl brings to the table. c) In terms of doggie - we started out with Allison kneeling on the ottoman at the end of the bed, bum raised high, her hands on the floor, me driving with hands on her hips; Then we moved to her kneeling up on the ottoman leaning way forward, me holding her alternately by the wrists and elbows from behind; finally her kneeling on the ottoman, me wrapping my arms around her body from behind to play with her nipples while she bounced backwards - each of those positions typically "male dominant" positions....BUT, when we moved to the bed for traditional doggie facing the mirror, as I grew tired, Allison continued to steadily ramp up her intensity of thrusts, eventually pounding backwards and riding my cock hard from the front while she gripped the sheets for leverage, until in the end, she was slamming me front the front using one hand for balance in the sheets, the other hand extended back through her legs where she had a firm grip on my balls and was simultaneously pulling my cock forward into her pussy. Quite a talent when you can go like that for a long hard ride, completely in control of the guy until you make him cream as she did. D) I doubt any of us will ever grow tired of the RM's models, they're just way too addictive! e) she did in fact mention a duo with Layla, although I fear if your name is not King21, we mere mortals might not survive that encounter :mrgreen:
Great review. Seen Allison couple of times. Can vouch that she's sex charged nymph. Both times I saw her she was fired-up on all cylinders. Fist full of vitmamins and a case of redbull should be a pre-equiste before you jump start a session with this girl. Enjoy.
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