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IN-Call Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!



First time with RM.. it was quite pleasure.. Hassle free.. Super nice location.. I am very impresed with their location.. very well organized! I arrived happy and left very happy! Thank you RM and Nikki!

Allison... She is one hell of woman!! Pictures are accurate.. actually she looks better than her pics.. Very sweet lady.. Very good looking girl.. nice long legs.. great personality.. smart and funny.. she is full package girl!

Session... Arrived location.. Walked into condo.. Sweet lady was waiting right beside the door with big smile on her face.. Warm hug and sweet little kiss.. Walked into room.. One great detail you wont see it very often She put new bed cover front of me so you will know its perfectly clean.. it was very nice small detail.. took the towel and went for shower.. Shower has everything you would need.. RM did think everything for you.. very comfortable..

Came back into room after shower.. There she was.. fully naked.. on bed! big smile on her face again.. didnt have too much time to talk.. because she started DFK right away. she is GREAT KISSER!! after few minutes great DFK i had to explore her hot body.. she has small, firm, nice tits!! she really likes to play with them ;).. moved down for daty.. she tastes better than honey down there!!! very responsive to daty.. digits followed.. she was quite active while i did daty and digits.. i just wanted to make sure job was done and she had an big O..

She retured to favor.. More DFK.. and then BBBJ started.. she is very talented in this department.. Eye contact.. hands free.. i was just enjoying great BBBJ and view from big mirror right behind her... She was like... trying to play long saxophone symphonies with my junior!! :)

Cover came on.. CG started.. she rides amazing.. started slow.. but few mins later it was getting faster and harder!! she does great in GC.. DFKed while she was riding.. rolled over in bed.. switched to miss.. had first sog in mish. she cleaned me up.. had few mins chat.. she is very pleasant lady.. i really enjoyed every second i spend with her..

Second round started with DFK again.. and again moved to BBBJ.. Another cover came on.. this time we started with doggy.. what a view!!! this position was best with her!! switched to mish again.. then back to CG.. and then standing mish.. second SOG was in mish again. cleaned up again.. we had another pleasant chat.. then she says.. daty was great we did at the begining of the session.. i said ..well we still have sometime and smiled.. then she says her birthday soon and it will be early birthday gift for me.. and smiled.. she fed my ego big time!! we did another daty and digits session until last minute of my session.. Another shower.. few minutes chat again.. walked to door with me.. another sweet kiss and warm hug for good bye..and left.. with huge smile on my face..

Final words.. I had very pleasant session with Allison.. i can recommend her to anyone.. She is great lady.. I would repeat her soon..

Rate: $240/h 160/hh
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

I swear, all a girl has to do to get on my TDL is wear black stockings in her pics and then I'm hooked. Allison looks very sexy.
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

Thank you guys.. She is really a great lady.. And i was really happy with RM too.. very classy management..
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

I have been at Roommates once before. I agree Roommates is really good agency. Allison sounds like great girl. I guess i will pay her a visit :D
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

junkyarddog said:
Nice review, dude. Allison sounds hot. Appreciate the info.

Terminator said:
Nice Review FF, I really have to make a re-visit to RM, been way too long.

Thanks guys.. First time i used RM but like i said i really liked their services!
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

king21 said:
Beenthere123 said:
Too good, you finally went to RM. Do I see a blitz coming?

If he does do an RM blitz, I may have to relinquish my crown to him! lol!

Will give it to you, thought I was their best customer but your reviews lately of them make you King ;)

Did that sound corny? LOL :lol:
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

That's it...she's on my TDL as well. Better start taking back the pop bottles in the Radio Flyer wagon....
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

Great review!! Last i saw Allison was when she first started with Roommates, and i had a great session.... boy so many to repeat with and on my TD list.. i need some money and time management to accomplish this task.
Re: Allison @ RoomMates Sweeter than Honey!!!

I will post my review of Allison soon, mirros FF's. Another babe that I love ;)

Yes I know so many :D
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