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IN-Call Amanda @ Mirage: What a Firecracker!


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Nov 10, 2009
Here is my review of Amanda who I saw in late Sept:

Going through my TDL and gave Mirage a call, was happy to hear that Amanda was available and made my way to a a very nice downtown hotel to meet her. I can say first of all about this visit 2 things:

1. I had a lot of anticapation for this girl because of all of the reviews. When she first opened the door she struck as me haveing a really cute GND face. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt though and it didnt hit me yet how attracted I was to her until after my shower. I remember saying to her after I first walked in that she was as cute as a button...and then wondering if i gave her the wrong idea so soon into our visit. When I came back after my shower I began to smile and realized how hot this girl really is. Her green eyes are absolutley gorgeous, and she has beautiful smooth skin. As other reviews have stated she is far from the spinner type but her curves are well proportioned. Just laying in bed with her you could see how every part of her body just oozes sex appeal.

2. I had an awesome time, and I could have had an even better time if my little junior cooperated. This was not the first time that he began to go soft on me when I was going for SOG 2...and the condom did not help. Anyway my fault because in Round 1 I was treated to an amazing DT BBBJ. Only thing I learned for next time is to do FS during my First SOG and then a BBBJ finish on the second time.

On to the activities:

Round 1: LFK/DFK was great with her as she was very playful, I think she has some of the softest lips I have ever experienced. Her BBBJ skills are top notch, especially her DT skills, she has no problems going right down to the bottom and staying there for quite a while. The visuals in the mirror were pure blue movie material. DATY was delicious she has gorgeous kitty and you can see she loves stimulating it. BBBJ was so good that I couldnt hold on...she sucked me with those gorgeous lips and took it all in for an awesome BBBJTCIMSW finish! She even continued to clean me off which was great.

Round 2: Some more DATY, BBBJ. Then we put the cover on and I take her in doggie. At this point I want to perform so bad but I can just feel junior is nodding off ...very frustrating! Partly it is the condom, but also lately he is just a question mark the 2nd time...not sure what I can do about that. She takes the condom and says "who needs it"? She gives me more great BBBJ while she starts to pleasure herself with her vibrator. Have to say I was tremendously turned on by the sight of her body squirming. Then came a surprise of sorts as she got herself off and wow! Just like the water show at the Bellagio, several shpritz's shot out of her kitty and I must say very gracefully. I had forgeotten reading about this god given special talent she has. It was quite the eye opener! She then took more control of me and expertly took me to climaxx again with BBBJ and great HJ techniques at the same time....finished again with CIMSW and I was more than satisfied.

She is a really down to earth, sweet and intelligent girl and it looks like she has a great future all figured out and I hope she gets there. Anyway, go see this girl, she is a a sweetheat and TIGER in bed
Re: Amanda @ Mirage: What a Firecracker!

quote: "Anyway, go see this girl, she is a a sweetheart and TIGER in bed"

Agree 100 %, thanks for sharing HW

Re: Amanda @ Mirage: What a Firecracker!

Slitman said:
She is definitely a tiger. I saw her last month. Try a duo with her and Becky !!!!!
That's the next duo on my TDL, as it would be a lot of fun. Amanda and Becky at the same time! Have to start working on the treadmill to be ready for such a combo
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