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IN-Call Amanda @ Mirage



So, Hit my TDL and Amanda is due, called Andy fixed our schedules and off to the races. Went to condo she opened the door, kissed me hugged me chit chat and mandatory shower. Attractive young lady I must say, simple looking but if you look long enough she is very sexy.

Chit chat a bit and again a very intelligent, warm SP. Started with light DFK that turned into Deep DFK, touched her all over and she responded with very affectionate movements.

Kisses got more intense, Felt if I was kissing my old high school sweetheart when affection was part of the kissing. I really got a high out of that.

She started kissing me from my toes to my neck purposely ignoring JR. After a few minutes of teasing she saw the man and in one quick mouth stroke she softly swallowed JR..

Then again then again all the way through my balls and stayed there for what it seemed an eternity. She continued while moving from side to side, then something new I never had before, she positioned her mouth in such a way that she took it all in an angle. A true DT. Holly fuck a total different sensation.

She wouldn't quit, she continued moving and to my some surprise her ass was just above my face. Had to do the honor thing and daty it was, she is loving that while her mouth still DT JR., combine digits and daty and she goes wild.

Mish time and she is so flexible. For a tall girl she can take her legs and bend them to her neck. She likes it soft, hard, fast anyway you want. I am about to lose it and asked her if I can visit the Greek island while in Mish. Anything you want she says. Wow she can take that deep also.

I am in total Ecstasy by then and took a chance with CIM please I ask. Anything you want she says. Holly fuck, where did you come from. She swallowed it all and then kept giving me anothed DT for a few more minutes.

PS. I think someone tipped her that BT123 was coming to see her and she gave me a show I will never forget.

Will I repeat?...Many times over
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