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Angelina Fox - Review


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Mar 27, 2010
The day was cold, and so was I. So what did I do? Look to the Fox Den roster to see who might be available for some warming up with for later on that evening! I checked the list on my Blackberry and then called in and made an appointment with Angelina Fox. I’ve liked her sets of pictures for a while now and I thought that the time had come and soon I was getting ready at home for a new experience! Getting ready is my mental get ready pep talk time, and I never know what is going to happen when seeing someone new for the first time. Will it be a good experience? Will I have fun? Will she make me feel like I’m a king, or just a common peon? I soon will find out that I had nothing to worry about and that I was in store for a great time.

I arrived at the Den in the sub zero temperatures and was able to find parking right in front of the place on Kingsway, lucky me. Who wants to walk in the cold? I performed my pre session ritual (Cologne, mouthwash and double counted donation of $320) and then exited my vehicle and sauntered over to the front door, opened it and walked up the stairs to the top landing, and before I could push the button I heard “Come on in!” with a friendly accent coming over the intercom. I open the door and say hello to the receptionist Fox, then pay my donation of $320 for the hour. I then ask for my beverage and then she buzzed Angelina Fox to let her know that I had arrived. A quick 30 seconds later I hear the sound of heels walking on the floor, so I turn my head slightly and look to see a stunning brunette walking towards me. “Hi I’m Angelina” she said and after taking my hand we walked to room #3 where she closed the door and walked towards me. She offered me a shower and I said sure, so she started to take off her skimpy yet tasteful outfit, accompanied with clear heels, damn sexy! Watching her strip half dazed me and soon I was chasing her into the stone opaque shower stall in the corner. She started to rinse and so did I, making small chat all the while getting to know each other a bit better. Soon we started to wash each other, moving closer, until our heads were mere inches away. Taking charge we both came closer and our lips collided once and then twice and then a third time, soft and sweet, then more intense. The shower stall seemed to disappear as we both ignored the water running over us and turned our attention to the other, enjoying the moment. Soon we decided that the shower was done, so we shut it off and dried ourselves off with a white towel hanging on a gold hook on the wall.

We crossed the room to the round queen size four post bed and lied down on the black silk sheets and 6-9 pillows scattered about the top of the bed. Playfully smiling as she lied down beside me, Angelina came up once again within mere inches, smiled, and soon we found each other embraced again. Those lips are soft as butter and were like kissing a sexy cloud! Her hand started to slide up and down my torso until it found my Banana, and with a few strokes the Banana started to respond quickly! :p Up and down went her hand until she slid over to grab a bottle of lube and applied it to the Banana, and started to give me a HJ while continuing to LFK with me. This went on for a while until she reached over once again and after removing a cover from her bag she applied it to the famous Banana and then slid over it with her head, teasingly licking the tip just once so I could see it, then going down and starting a good CBJ. Moving around so I had great access to her ass she continued her magic down below, me starting to explore one of the best asses I’ve played with in a long time! She slid around even more and I had a great view of looking straight down, boobs hanging and lips sucking right in front of me while playing with this gorgeous ass that I thought I died and had gone to heaven with a Angel(ina) beside me, or rather on top of me! :p She rotated once again and this time was looking directly into my eyes while continuing, most sexy and a huge turn on; enough so that I got too excited too early and finished before the main event! None the less it was explosive as ever and after finishing Angelina came down to kiss me once and then went to clean me up with some tissue out of a gold colored box on the side table. After having 30 seconds of rest, it was time to go again, so on went another cover! With another 30 seconds of CBJ remaining Angelina then hopped on for some cowgirl but unfortunately after about a minute or so the Banana decided it needed time to recover, so we took a break and chatted once again.

Removing the cover, Angelina applied some lube to the Banana and started to stroke it while we talked about various things making small chit chat. We continued chatting away and I found her to be very sexy as she lied beside me, shifting positions to more sexy ones every few minutes or so, just so I wouldn’t get bored I guess! The conversation went on for about 10 or so minutes with us enjoying each other’s company until she started to get a devilish glimmer in her eyes. I noticed and started to look at her questioningly. Her answer? Pulling my head towards hers and soon she reached over, and after applying more lube to the Banana she slid a cover on and mounted me for some reverse cowgirl which was great as I got to watch her ass go up and down on the mighty Banana, amazing! Up and down she went in a sexy way with her soft moans accompanying the view made for a great experience! As I slid my hands up and down the side of her, softly following the feminine curves of her attractive body, she started to get a bit louder, and soon we both were rocking the bed back and forth. Angelina must work out a lot as she has amazing stamina and believe me we certainly put this to the test! :p After a few minutes of this we switched over to doggy, and after seeing her ass bounce back and forth this much I thought that this is something that I know I need to do again. We rotated from doggy to lazy doggy and back again, and looking up at the view in the many mirrors at the top of the bed with her head on a pillow looking back in the reflection with a passionate “fuck me harder” look on her face was great! Unfortunately she must have drained me the first time, but we certainly gave it our best shot and I was certainly satisfied that I was completely spent! Off she slid and after disposing of the evidence we resumed our chat, this time a little closer together, sneaking in little kisses every once in a while.

Soon our time was up, so we both hopped into the shower together to rinse off and then dried off and got dressed. I look at Angelina and she reminds me of that girl you see walking around in a club at night, sexy and puffed up, guys following and trying to talk to her. She can have anyone she wants, and tonight it was me. I’m glad it was and am looking forward to making her my second ever brunette repeat. After getting dressed, Angelina made sure the coast was clear and after 4 more quick kisses she escorted me to the front door where with one last good bye hug I was out the door and hopping down the stairs into the cold outside. Good thing I had parking right by the door, and soon I was driving away from the Fox Den with a big smile on my face and one very happy Banana! :)

Repeat: Most certainly.
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Rate Information: $320 for the hour
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