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IN-Call Anna @ Mirage. A day at the races


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Jan 5, 2010
While still active, a few months ago i saw Anna after reading a couple of good reviews on some sketchy review board.
Mirage is always awesome. Nice condo. Anna answers the door in a pink teddy and panties and slutty white heels( good slutty ). She's got that blonde hair blue eyes thing going on which I simply adore. Gorgeous smile, super friendly and engaging personality.

Now, some reviewers have said she's got a few extra pounds. I kinda see what they mean, but it didn't really strike me. She led the way to the bedroom and I was just hypnotized by her lovely ass as a followed her like a dog mopping up the parquet floor with my tongue. She's certainly not tight and toned like Sebelle,let's say, or like me ( gag )..but if you saw her on the beach in a bikini you would definitely have to roll over on your stomach. I felt lucky to be with her and frankly amazed that i was about to fuck her.

We chatted a bit to start. She's very easy to talk to. I was in a pretty raunchy mood and she was very happy to listen to any requests I had. I was a bit reserved at first, but she just said " C'mon, whatever you want. I'm very open minded"............"OK, I want to hold your head with you on your knees, fuck your face with dirty talk and name calling "...a bead or two of sweat on my forehead as she pondered..." Well, I'm happy to do the face fucking,but I'm not very good at name calling"......"No silly, you don't get to call me names, other way around.."..." Oh, yay"

And they're off....(switch to best frenetic horse race voice)...It's Olayda, grabbing Anna by the hair..lots of LFK,LFK..Oh! he's removed her teddy. Anna's tits are all over the place. Look at those big pink nipples..what a day this will be. Olayda again, pushing pushing..he's got Anna on her knees and his cock is in her mouth with no hesitation...what's that? Anna's popped him out.."I'm such a little slut "..Oh, Olayda sways a bit, looks like he may be getting over excited. What's that he's calling not broadcast that one kids. Now he's really finding his rhythm, pumping away at a healthy pace...just look at that saliva! Here now, he's letting up! He's giving her a break and putting his balls in her mouth. What sportsmanship! Wait now Anna's jumped on the bed and Olayda's right after her..Oh my God he's in her mouth again..look at him ride..tears of joy form Anna's eyes. She just might puke...No!! she gasps for air and hangs on. What a filly. Wait a sec, he's distracted. He's looking at that ass, looking...he's spanking that ass ,caressing that ass.. now he pulls out. What is he doing?

He's got her on her knees, gets behind ...and now it's a doggie race, furious pace! Anna turns her head and tells him to do something he's already doing really hard. It's now Olayda, pushes her flat on the bed , around the final turn and he's riding her jockey. Anna's long blonde hair is everywhere. He's pushing her head hard into the pillow..Oh no! she's starting to buck..Olayda gets the rhythm and stays on..we're heading for the finish..It's Anna, Olayda..Anna and Olayda!! Crosses the line with a victory grunt and a bit of chest pain.

Phew.... Ok, maybe I should have been banned from terd
We chatted and laughed. Did some other stuff, but I could never get a second shot. I don't do a lot of DATY, but I did with her. Told her was the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. " Thanks, and it's so tight too!" I like this chick.

Needless to say I hope to see her again sometime, although I'd love to try a similar session with Becky. I've never seen her,but I'm totally intrigued and a bit intimidated.
I don't get tons of compliments like everyone else seems to, but after I dressed Anna said " You look great. You sure are well put together". I guess she was just glad i put my clothes back on :)
Re: Anna @ Mirage. A day at the races

olaydaaaaaaaaa, stop it bud :evil: . You got me in tears with your review. Fuck man you rock :D

You must write for mad magazine :cool:
Re: Anna @ Mirage. A day at the races

Beenthere123 said:
olaydaaaaaaaaa, stop it bud :evil: . You got me in tears with your review. Fuck man you rock :D

You must write for mad magazine :cool:

Thanks BT. You're my barometer buddy.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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