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Arianna Royale - Review


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Mar 27, 2010
Bodies sticking together, hearts pounding in unison we passionately kissed upon the light red comforter while catching our breaths and listening to the soft music flowing from the other room. Looking at my semi-flushed partner in crime I could see that we both enjoyed our little romp, and judging from that cute giggle I was sure my feelings were mutual. Oh wait, I’m ahead of myself…

I arrived a few minutes early at Arianna Royale’s downtown Vancouver Incall location and managed to find free parking right in front of her building. With 5 or so minutes remaining I double checked my donation ($250 for one hour) and after swishing with mouthwash I started to walk to her building. Soon I was inside the Richmond Elevator traversing upward the brand new building, and while watching the position indicator count upwards I tried to rack my brain to remember all I could about Arianna. Soon I just said screw it, and go with the flow. Good timing too, as I thought this the doors opened and my heart jumped into my throat.

I walked to her door and with a quick double knock on her door I waited, and soon I heard a noise coming from within, and the door opened and I got a glimpse of a very sweet and sexy Arianna Royale, live in the flesh! I walked inside and embraced Arianna for a quick hug while I surveyed the place. Yes, there was the couch that was cast in stone under all of her pictures, and yes there was her very cute dog running to greet me with its little dog kisses. A giggle or two after from Arianna and we made our way to the candlelight illuminated bedroom where we again came into a very passionate embrace. Soon my hands started to explore this young warm body in front of me and I got the same treatment in return! I asked her to hold on a second, and then I tossed something towards Arianna. “Uh, why did you throw a Banana at me?” said Arianna. “Well, who would bring a Banana to a session?” inquired her visitor. After noting her quizzical expression I responded “Well, the BANANAMAN would!” and suddenly the room got very, very bright. I’ve not seen a smile that bright since the last time I looked at the sun and we were immediately DFK’ing and grabbing away in no time! Putting the Banana aside, Arianna pushed and we both fell backwards onto the light red bed kissing like lost lovers!

Soon Arianna started to unbutton the BananaMan’s espresso colored shirt and with a flourish I was up and undressing while entranced in my playmates clothing. I had requested that she wear the schoolgirl costume that she has shown off in many pictures online, and she was looking oh so sexy in a short and tight plaid mini skirt with leopard print bra! After removing my clothes Arianna started to kiss slowly downwards my torso, stopping every few inches to kiss and suck and soon was at Banana level, and pushing my rapidly growing manhood aside started to lick and suck my balls. This felt amazing (I love my balls played with), and after a few seconds I pulled her up and kissed her deep. We then fell down on the bed again and with Arianna straddling me we resumed kissing. She loves to kiss, and she is an excellent kisser! Again I saw that her clothes were getting in the way; I wanted to rip them off right then and there so I soon went to work removing her bra, but after having some difficulties (I was pre-occupied kissing her luscious lips) Arianna came to the rescue and removed the garment to expose some very nice natural boobies! I just had to play with them, and found that they were very responsive!

Arianna slid off me and rolled over to get a party-hat, and once that was acquired some more BLS followed until the Banana was fully standing at attention and then she applied the cover with her mouth and started to CBJ. The sight of this brunette sucking and licking my Banana is still entrenched in my mind and all while we held hands, then I would play with her back and arm and hair and back again while enjoying the view and sensations! Soon I grabbed her wonderful ass and started to pull it closer and closer to me, and soon we were 69’ing away like no tomorrow! Both of us going at it furiously was very hot and after a few minutes I noticed that Arianna started to shake and quiver and pull away, obviously in the throes of an intense orgasm. She then turned around and with some more kissing she asked what position, to which I responded “Cowgirl, my favorite”. She smiled her sweet, sexy smile and slid upon the mighty Banana and what a fit that was! The ambient tempature of the room started to rise very rapidly as the two of us were going at it faster and faster, the bed started to shake and quake a little all while we were going at it sneaking in kisses when we needed to catch our breaths! Eventually the BananaMan could take no more, and popped a nice load while playing with Arianna’s very nice rack and staring into her eyes! Arianna Royale then came down for some more intimate kissing and then went to get some wipes to clean both of us up, then she laid down beside me…

Arianna offered me a back massage and I accepted, and soon the cool tingling of oil was upon my back and Arianna started a nice little back rub, very nice and relaxing after wearing myself out earlier and a great way to end my hectic week!

Repeat: Yes.
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Rate Information: $250 for one hour.
anonanon said:
Arianna offered me a back massage and I accepted, and soon the cool tingling of oil was upon my back and Arianna started a nice little back rub, very nice and relaxing after wearing myself out earlier and a great way to end my hectic week

Relaxing massage after hot sweaty sex is akin to a cherry on top of a sundae. :)
art of happiness said:
link doesn't work

She is taking a break at the moment I believe, or possibly has retired. This particular review is from the past, I'm importing it. Not sure but I think she was advertising on Craigslist a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure.

She was a lot of fun....:)
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