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Nov 14, 2009
Here is my review of Ariel from GOE. Saw her about 2 weeks ago.

Session highlights

DATY was awesome. She was very clean, but ooh so tasty down there and I enjoyed it to my fullest. I just buried my face in there for an extended time and took her all the way to the edge. Her moans became louder and louder and her body twitched against mine and she was dripping wet as she OG.

FS - It was a very high energy and high pace session. We tried multiple positions - doggie, mish, sideways, standing doggie, CG - man, this girl really knows how to ride, but each time we kept returning to doggie (our favourite). She is really a tiger in bed, the sex was just great, lots of bumping and grinding, our bodies fevourishly slamming hard against each other, lots of dirty talking. I was sweating buckets. She is the first person in a long while to completely wear me out. At the end of the session I was a spent force and totally out of gas.

DFK/LFK - She is a good kisser. Her lips were so soft and luscious against mine. I could kiss her all day.

In between our session we had an enjoyable downtime, between chit chatting, cuddling, joking around and making out. When we were not cuddling or talking, I enjoyed exploring her body, thoroughly touching and kissing her all over, at times burying my face in her boobs, BBRRRR!! It felt so good, so soft and they were spectacular.


Face: 8/10 - sparkling eyes, a very cute smile, blonde hair with brown streaks to the shoulders
Body: 8/10 - Curvy GND type, not a spinner, but perfect for me. Nice boobs, my guess a C cup - great to bury your face in - Soft and flawless skin tone. Nice bum
Service: 9.5/10 - Classic GFE menu. Tries very hard to please, she makes you feel special, relaxed and comfortable.
Personality: 9/10 - Cute, sexy, fun-loving, I found her very easy to talk to, great sense of humour.
Would I repeat: Yes
Re: Ariel @ GOE

Thanks again KR, I had the pleasure of meeting this babe a while back. Have not seen her but will do.
Very good review I must add.

Re: Ariel @ GOE

Nice review. Have met her personally when we were out for drinks one night at the BR. She is down to earth and a sweet girl.

Will have to meet her on a more intimate basis one day !
Re: Ariel @ GOE

Thanks for the review KR. I tried to see Ariel couple times with her previous agency but didnt work out. Now she is with one of my favorite agency.. ;) I will see her very soon. I have met her before.. She is fun girl. She calls herself real GFE ;)
Agree with above comments. Ariel's got a great curvy body and knows how to use it! Highlight was straddling over her, my cock between her big natural tits, fucking them till I exploded, then taking my cock back up to her mouth and having my member licked clean. Agressive sex, dirty talk all added to the fantasy. Will repeat.
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