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IN-Call Back On the Horse This Week w Greta, Mirage



After my limp biscuit episode last Friday, rested up and headed back to my favorite "sure thing", Greta @ Mirage to make sure the plumbing was truly back in full working order....I've reviewed Greta a bunch of times, so won't go into more of same other than to say she did the sexy "Corporate Secretary" tease role to perfection, dressed in heels, black tube skirt, wide black belt, fishnets, and tight cotton v-neck t-shirt over green silk bustier, long straight red hair in a ponytail.

She teased me provocatively in front of the mirror with that juicy bum and tiny waist of hers, until in a fit of horny urgency, I looked up from kissing and nibbling her ears and neck from behind to see her reflection in the mirror, those brilliant green eyes seducing and baiting me erotically, and lost total control, reaching around and visciously tearing the flimsy cotton tee from her body competely and peeling down the bustier off her ripe breasts to expose her rock hard nipples, all in one impulsive and reckless moment.

Session got pretty intense both ways from there on in, and I now have quite a number of prominent deep crimson nail marks that may take some quick witted 'splaining to Lucy when I get home...3.5 hours / 2 SOGs / full throttle sexual rampage / complete exhaustion / total satiation - absolutely priceless!

Now that I know it truly was hobby fatigue, got couple phone calls to make to RMs and know what they say - "Use it or lose it!" :cool: Who am I to argue with that?
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...and for those wondering - yes, I now have to replace Greta's t-shirt and bustier, and yes, this is clearly a YMMV thing between two regular playmates - probably not a good idea to try to replicate without advance notice lest you receive the traditional kick in the 'nads from a extremely pissed off SP! :lol:
But at your rate you are going to lose it soon, you are using it way too much. Great review once again. Have a question do you tip after your session?, just curious.
Madmax said:
Lucy seen the marks yet Demien.

Lucy is in the Carribean for another week, so no not yet, but I met another young vixen today (see my new review) who did her damndest to add to the marks left earlier by my own peronsal vampire Caitlyn @ RMs, and then Greta's recent trailings....I'm beginning to look like I got tangled up with with a bobcat in a phone booth! :lol:

Either that or I ran naked through a briar hedge....Lucy will buy that one, I'm pretty sure...:eek:
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