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IN-Call Bad session salvaged by Eva


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Nov 25, 2009
An older review and the girl at the beginning of it is Diana, who is Eva's current roommate. I have to say this before the actual review in that I have since seen Diana in duos with Eva and found all the problems I intially had are gone, she is a very fun SP to see.


So even though I had told myself I was cutting back from hobbying for a while after my muy bueno session with Gia I had some extra cash in my pocket and thought I'd give one of my reliables, Eva, a call.

She's on her period, damn! But she says she has a new girl who's young and pretty. Big head says "don't TOFFT" little head is saying "Eva is vouching for her can't be B&S" so little head wins out and I go to Eva's apt. BTW Crystal has moved out.

Get there, meet the new girl, think her name is Maimi or something like that. Unfortunately this girl is not lighting my world on fire. Not a great face, average body but I thought "WTF maybe she gives great service".

So take a shower with her, she does a bit of BBBJ there gets Jr. to wake up a bit. Finish cleaning up and head to the bedroom.

Now Eva's english is passable but not that great but this woman... communication was a problem.

She's not into DFK or FK of any kind, ok no problem, she's not that pretty so whatever. Kiss her breasts she makes some fake sounds of pleasure which is a big turn-off for me. Digits and DATY, not shaven but trimmed and she's clean and it tastes ok but more fake moans.

BBBJ... meh.

Cover comes on do some mish... meh. Flip to doggie.... a bit better but not setting my world on fire. Jr. goes soft. Tries to get me going again with BBBJ but still no go.

I tell her it's ok, just massage is fine now. I'm not going to belabour the point with her as her English isn't worth dealing with and it's my own fault for agreeing to see her when I should have left.

Massage is ok, she even does a nice job of rubbing my anus and balls but Jr. is still not coming back to life. At this point I'm getting worried about time as I hadn't paid yet and I didn't want a fee misunderstanding. So I told her it's ok I'm going to go as I think my 30 min is up, and that in of itself felt like 30 minutes right there.

So to cut to the chase she stops and gets Eva to come in and I explain as best I can that no SOG, I'll pay no problem and see Eva next time. Eva sits down on the bed (I'm still naked) and starts telling the other woman something and starts stroking my cock (while Maimi is still in the room). She then turns to me and apologizes and says she'll take care of me herself. I'm like "no no it's ok, I only have a 100 on me" but Eva is like "that's ok, I'm sorry you saw this other girl and didn't have a good time" (I'm paraphrasing obviously).

So she pushes me back, cleans my dick off and starts DFKing me while resuming stroking my cock which is now awake. She then takes off her shirt and lets me suck on her titties. She then does some topless bodysliding before meeting my lips again for some more DFK. Goes back down to lick my nipples and finally gulps my now rock hard member into her mouth. Great BBBJ and DT for like 10 minutes until CIM. She goes to spit comes back and says massage! So gives me a patented Eva massage which is always good.

I give her the money and she apologizes to me and says she won't pass me off to anymore girls in the future which made me feel a little bad for the other woman.

Point of all this is (besides YMMV) Eva didn't have to "make anything up to me" but she did probably because I'm a regular of hers and we always seem to have a good time.
DrAnus said:
She did not charge you extra :eek:

Not too many SP will do that, how long do you know her MB.

At that time... hmmm.... I'd say I would have had seen her.... 5 or 6 times so she knew I was a regular, maybe even loyal, client.

Geezus wait till I write about my most recent duo with her and her NEW roommate :)
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