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Having mused at length over Lola’s online pics, and finding myself in an insatiably curious mood, decided to reach out to Mirage and inquire after Lola’s availability for a noontime playdate. Mirage went through a few hoops (very graciously, I might add) to make it happen, and gladly found myself at Lola’s door just after the lunch hour rush.

I have to say, that when the door opened, and I’d turned round to meet Lola for the first time, I was really floored! She is absolutely gorgeous! A dead ringer (and I mean carbon copy) for this Hollywood hottie:

The bigger shocker is her statuesque height! She’s in reality, virtually 6’ tall flat feet! She looked in a word – perfect. Dressed in white knee-high nylons, white lace bustier and panties, astoundingly breath taking eyes and makeup, and softly highlighted shoulder length silken hair, she saw my perplexed look, and the most incredible thing happened! She smiled the nicest, broadest, most genuinely happy and clearly sexy smile I’ve seen in a long time. Totally captivating.

Clearly pleased with the effect her overall look had had on me, she sweetly led me to our play space, slid seductively onto the bed, and coyly waited for me to recover….being the “Rico Suave” that I am, it only took 15-20 mins of panting for me to regain some composure and slide away shyly to clean up.

Having chatted some and agreed on preferences and desires for our session, Lola was ready to play when I returned and was happy to boost my fragile ego and let me lead to start off.

Positioning her in front of the mirror, and standing behind her while she raised her arms above her head, arched her back seductively and swayed her lush juicy bum erotically for me, I slowly undressed her and marveled at this 19 yo beauty’s intoxicating feminine figure. Soft creamy skin with lovely body art, very impressive and simply addictive voluptuous natural bust, smallish waist and round hips, lithe thighs and calves, delicate neck, classic cheekbones, demure nose, and those PERFECTLY KISSABLE LIPS….my whole body got hard, not just the goods parts!

Caressed her gently, tracing her curves, gently kissing and nibbling her neck, shoulders, ear lobes, small of her back, bum, hips….just couldn’t get enough of her innocently scented youthful body… Finally tuned her, and wanting, almost needing to feel her body pressed against mine, pulled her close, wrapped my fingers in her soft hair, and kissed her slowly and gently. Wow! It’s all I can say…she responded with increasingly passionate and enthusiastic DFK, and soon the intensity had really ramped up and the session took on a clearly more aggressive tempo.

Practically threw her on the bed, pressed her arms above her head and continued the passionate DFK, now with hands kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples, nails raking her entire body, biting her collarbones and lower lip, then slowly and deliberately moved down for a long bout of Daty/Digits with some light taint teasing and orgasm denial play. After about 45mins, and a long hard doggie ride she was clearly enjoying the rough housing style, was panting heavily, and was covered in red blotches where she’d over heated during release…ego boost for me, sweet betrayal by her ripe body for Lola…and we both admired the impressive wet spot beneath us, the result of her intense and repeated releases. Wicked hot!

As it was now my turn to burn, she turned her attention and charms on me with more DFK, HJ/Ball Teasing, nipple biting, a masturbation show in front of the mirror, and very intense / erotic eye contact to propel a fantastic 1 SOG. We chatted and laughed a bit, each feeling a bit shy about the nature and intensity of our respective orgasms at the hands of the other, and then moved on to more of the same, with some great BBBJ/BLS thrown in, with the finish of the second SOG being a massive splash across her back and juicy bum while she kneeled on the carpet at the end of the bed facing the mirror and finger fucked herself to two more intense orgasms. The crushing moment of truth for me was actually precipitated by Lola, who at exactly the right moment, opened her bright green eyes, and without missing a beat with her fingers on her rock hard clit, looked me dead in the eye in the mirror and came very hard “just for me”. Game over.

Overall, I had a fantastic few hours with Lola and truly found her gorgeous inside and out, in every way I crave. She does have a private kinky side which we both really enjoyed, but which will stay private as YMMV, but dudes, un-fucking-real! She’s not a spinner hard body (and absolutely not fat in any way – just nice and soft in all the best ways) but if you like a sweet, approachable & funny, sporty, sexy, all natural girl with a tremendous bust, ass and beautiful eyes, she’s definitely got game! Will definitely repeat.

For me and my kinky tastes: :twisted:

Face: 9.5
Body: 8
Hygiene: 10
Attitude: 9
Service: 10

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Demien, dude, you are right, it IS better to be you!!! What an amazing time with an what sounds like an absolute hottie. Lola has officially been added to the TDL.
hows her bbbj rate demian? thanks for the review

Great BBBJ with good DT, nice and wet, very enthusiastic. Menu absolutely as advertised, plus some definite PSE overtones. Doggie was astoundingly satisfying, particularly watching her big naturals sway beneath her at each stroke reflected in the mirror, and this girl has massive sex appeal once the motor really warms up...will be going back next week for sure!
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clintE said:
Lola is now in my TDL thanks to you Demien. I am just under 6' so can handle her. How tall are you Demien.

Hey Clint - I'm around 5'9.5 - 5'10 on a good day...It was only when I stood Lola up wrppaing my arms around her that I realized she was so looked down for the typical heels and she was in her nylons only! I said "damn, how tall ARE you?" She replied "6' feet", so I mentioned the site said 5'8" and she just shrugged....

She's terrific girl and I really enjoyed my session with her. All in all, it was pretty good week for a cold February in Toronto!:lol:
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