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IN-Call Beautiful Noir @ Indi review.


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Feb 1, 2010
I saw Noir last week an experience that will be hard to ever forget. My first review on HUBGFE call me a shill if you want, but can see other reviews here mirror my experience. She is absolutely awesome unique in her own way. Gorgeous, stunning, intelligent with a killer body. You can see her pictures no need to go on.

Awesome sensual kisser makes you feel you are her long lost boyfriend that have not seen in one year and have so much catch up to do. Passionate BBBJ/DT eye contact much slurping, she worships your cock. Loves to have hey pussy licked and devour and such a wicket clit. Hard to explain the many positions we did because I was in such a euphoric state of mind Noir was making love to me not fucking me.

Thank you Noir and many repeats from me.
Re: Beautiful Noir @ Indi review.

Alright you asked for it, SHILL SHILL SHILL, just kidding, the lady has an excellent reputation so I will take my shill alert back for now.
Re: Beautiful Noir @ Indi review.

Billdong thanks for reminding me of Noir. Got my fix with Jemma now need to see Noir. Thanks for the good review.
Albino said:
Must read your review, can you link it here hangman.

I saw her over a year ago (pre-=boob job); her services have only gotten better since then. I'm sure more recent reviews will steer you better.

But you can be assured that the body in that picture is exactly what you get...
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