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Sassy Angels Bella @ Sassy - my lucky day


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Jan 5, 2010
I don't think there is a review of Bella on this board so I thought I'd post one:

I got lucky back in October in more ways than one. I had booked Ruby one day in advance and the next day showed up at Sassy's incall location full of anticipation and testosterone. I noticed a message on my phone and it was Jen saying that ruby had cancelled as she was not feeling well. I almost broke down and cried, but jen said Bella or Macy were available. I didn't know either,flipped a coin and chose Bella. Jen gave me the hour for 220, free PSE and the exec suite. Nice move Sassy's.

Walked in the door and suddenly didn't mind that Ruby had cancelled. Alot of SP's are cute GND types. Bella is gorgeous. Not in an exotic Sophia Loren way, but in a beautiful girl you might see crossing in front of you at a red light making you miss the green...kinda way. long dark silky hair, mesmerizing green eyes,gorgeous smile, sweet as pie, smooth silky skin. Frilly black panties and corset. Ruby who?

I have to make a few comparisons. Only Kristen from DM (retired?) comes close facially, although I've never seen Paris or Jemma. Only Adrianna at maximum has skin that smooth and only Layla @ RM DFK's so passionately and wonderfully.

Couple of tats. pierced lower lip and tummy ring. After the shower we lay down on the bed and necked. Off came the corset evealing large natural C's with proud large pinky brown nipples. These are fantastic tits, trust me.
The Bella experience is total GFE assuming you had an incredibly hot GF.

Reviews have been up and down with Bella. Some guys didn't like her caboose. It's true that baby's got back. she's got a booty for sure but not a fat ass. It's full and sexy. If you like a spinner you can pick up and use like a fleshlight Bella may not be for you,but she is nowhere near even a small BBW. She's just got nice curves.

She snuck down and started a gorgeous sensual GFE bbbj which we did with me lying down,standing up,and kneeling on the bed over her face. Soft lips,perfect suction,nice and wet. Sexy moaning, BLS, taint. Eventually with me on my knees she just alternated sucking my cock with extended time on my balls moaning and softly jerking me off. It was simply too much for this old dog and I lost a couple ounces on her chest at her request.

We cuddled and chatted while she traced her fingertip around my chest shoulder and arm (this has been commented on by another reviewer and feels nice). Bella is such a sweetheart. She's a Canadian girl with Italian roots, not a Euro. Intelligent, easy to talk to and sweet as pie. It wasn't long before she started stroking the boys again and I quickly got as hard as the grip of a 9 iron. Down for more BBBJ BLS and taint. Slipped on a cover and mounted for CG. Wow, first she leant forward and just grinded and gyrated, her swaying tits grazing my chest. Then she sat up and rode me up and down, bouncing and moaning. Put her on the edge of the bed for standing MISH ( thank you Marvelboy) with a great view of pushing open the petals of that bare kitty. Got pretty fast and furious in Mish and I finished there. ( only other 2nd SOG with a condom on..Michelle @ Select ).

Shower,hugs kisses and goodbye. I was on top of the world all afternoon Bella is a keeper and has a tendancy to linger long after the encounter.
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