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IN-Call Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

Knight Rider

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Nov 14, 2009
This review is from a month and a half ago when there was still a NRP on Bianca, but it has since been lifted, provided that the sexually explicit details are excluded. So here is my review.

I had never used Exquisite before, but I had received some glowing recommendations from my peers who had used that service and had read excellent reviews about their selection of ladies. Sebelle had been on my radar for a long time, as she was well reviewed, had an excellent reputation and really loves what she does and who could forget those hot pics of her.

One Saturday when I realized that I was going to be downtown for an extended period of time, I called up Exquisite and scheduled an appointment with Sebelle. Booking was a breeze. I took the chance to go to the gym and worked on my cardio, drank some red bull, had a nice warm shower, put on my favourite cologne and I felt good. Now I just had to wait for the appointment. Then I got that dreaded call. Sebelle was not feeling well and would not be able to make the appointment. My heart immediately sunk, but Vanessa was such a pro on the phone in handling the situation. While speaking to her, she spoke very highly of Bianca and offered her as a replacement in the same timeslot. I had seen Bianca's pics and she was one hot looking lady, and I trusted Vanessa's judgement, so I gladly accepted the offer.

That evening at the appointment time, I arrived at the condo near the Entertainment District. After receiving the confirmation, I was buzzed up, knocked on the door and standing before me was this very sexy Latin lady with long brown hair, dark dreamy eyes, an amazing smile, with such a beautiful figure. She greets me with a hug and a very sensual kiss on the lips. We chat for a few minutes; I took care of business and hopped in the shower.

Once I got out, I entered the bedroom and it looked as if it had been specially prepared for my arrival. The lights were dimly lit, I could smell the aroma of scented candles and there was some soft Latin music playing in the background. Bianca was waiting for me on the bed in a very sexy black lingerie that closely clung to her beautiful figure. She smiled at me and said, "I've been waiting for you." She removed my towel, pulled me close to her we kissed and groped each other for about 10 minutes. Everything about her just turned me on; her perfume, her shallow breathing, her luscious lips against and her warm silky soft body against mine. She quickly slipped off that dress and her panties to reveal one of the sexiest bodies that I had ever laid eyes on. She had such beautiful manmade boobs, my guess a c-cup, a perfectly shaped bum and soft, flawless skin and an olive complexion.

I had one of my most passionate and sensual GFE experiences ever. She really loves what she does and totally immerses herself fully into the experience. She definitely knows how to please a man and made me feel like her long lost lover who she had been waiting for a long time. She was very good at reading me intimately, delivered beyond expectations and provided me with such a mind blowing finish that had me on cloud 9. I was still in a trance when I walked outside the building to my car. Afterwards, I immediately called Vanessa to thank her for recommending Bianca to me, at which she replied "I knew that you would like her"

Location: Very clean with lots of supplies and a huge mirror in the bedroom. I could not ask for anything more.
Bianca's looks/appearance: Very pretty facially, very sexy body, perfectly proportioned, soft flawless skin, olive complexion.
Bianca's attitude and services: All 9's and 10's. A very passionate GFE encounter.
Would I repeat: Definitely.
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

Wow KR, nicely written given the restrictions.

The pics are very nice and she looks absolutely breathtaking and sounds like a true GFE. On the TDL she goes!!

Rayden my friend, she looks right up your alley! Time for us to do some out of town pooning again!!
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

severeaddicted said:
Man O Man what a great review. Would you say she is in your top 5 ever sessions?.
Thanks. Yes, it was one of my best sessions ever.

kissmyass said:
Awesome review a must see. You have great writing skills dude.
Thanks kma

clintE said:
Excellent KR you lucked out that day she is truly a beautiful woman.
I agree. I lucked out big time :) She is very beautiful

neverenoughsex said:
Vanessa gave you a good pinch hitter in return KR. Classy review.
Vanessa certainly did. She is such a nice lady with a lot of class, who knows how to run an excellent agency.
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

toocooldude said:
Dude that was a blast, what a body. Seen any other latin SP KR?.
Thanks toocooldude. Bianca is the first Latin SP that I have seen, but I will definitely try and see others. I am also open to recommendations of other Latin SP's from fellow HUBGFE members.
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

Beenthere123 said:
Tip my hat to you bud, well done. I read somewhere you are idle for sometime. Hope everything is OK.
Thanks BT123. I am on the mend and everything is progressing well. I should be back in the saddle in about 4 weeks.

Keep the ladies warm while I am away :)

Re: Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

Great review of a real spicy woman, she is the first Latina SP I have seen in years and I'm also curious about others now such as Esmarelda and Claudia from Sassy's and any other recommendations.
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite - A Sexy Latin treat!

Thaks KR,
I like your style very much, excellent English without urban slang, with great respect to the woman you had chance to meet. Your review is like a small novel which kindles an interest to visit Bianka.
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