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IN-Call Bianca @ Exquisite: Muy Caliente Mami


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Nov 10, 2009
Ok so I am going to start off this review by letting you all know that Bianca's NRP has been lifted, provided I keep sexually explicit details to myself. After seeing her today, AYE AYE AYE it is hard, but I will honour this sweetheart's request. Here is what you need to know if you haven't already seen this Latina Bonita:

When I walked in and saw Bianca I started to smile, she is an adorable looking cutie, beautiful brown eyes, exotic dark straight hair. She has a very nicely toned body with soft and smooth skin and such a nicely toned booty. She greeted me with a soft kiss from her supple lips....mmmmm....I just got in from that -10 and that's what I need! If you have ever been up late at night and caught that show Latin Lover on the TLN channel, you will feel like you are in it when you meet Bianca! The temperatura went up and so did my Jr.! Hop in the shower and make it snappy!

I get back to the bedroom and she starts kissing me passionately again. Beautiful man mades, so round and fun to play with. She is Full GFE and very skilled at it. Great pleasure in foreplay infront of the mirror and she know how to use it. The main event was exceptionally good because of how into it she was, and the finish was one of my better ones and definitley something I won't soon forget. She is a really sweet girl and very very fun, she loved the attention I was giving her and spoke about her home country, a place I'd like to visit if there are more girls like her there! Her warmth was exactly what I needed today and I have to hand it to Vanessa and Exquisite... I am batting 1000 with them so far! She is definitley the best Latina I have seen so far and can't imagine it can be much better than this. Thanks you Bianca my sexy Latin Lover!
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite: Muy Caliente Mami

Great review HW, thanks for sharing your experience with her I'll see her but not now because you could think that I'm following you :lol: I'll see Sebelle ;) Exquisite has amazing girls.
Re: Bianca @ Exquisite: Muy Caliente Mami

Hi Emperor,

This was done through Vanessa, who can confirm for you. And I emailed Dean letting him know of this as well.

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