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Biggest Turn-Off

Biggest Turn-Off

  • arm-pits

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • feet

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • ass

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • pussy

    Votes: 17 60.7%

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Ok gentlemen, squeeze my opinion in here..... It's kinda gross for a lady to talk about but, I'm just being honest....

Stinky Piggies!!!!! And Stinky Breath!!!
Annoying: Stinky Piggies after the man has claimed to have showered!!!)

Omg and about the "pussy thing", EWWWWW I'Ve HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH A LADY ONCE! Gross!!
It's funny you say that you know. When I first started coming on these review boards (when I first started escorting) my other escort friends always said "o don't say that", "no u can't write that".... And everything else along those lines.

I used to listen but get frustrated because I didn't understand why I had to portray this image, which in fact wasn't me. Now I say @*#! it.... TIME TO B MYSELF

It makes escorting more fun and allows me to have fun with you guys!!!
Me personally I am extremely conscious of this.

I have always been this way since I started having sex. The smell check thing doesn't cut it for me.

Some woman will bathe at 10pm and have a date with their lover or whoever. At 2am they are ready to have sex with their partner with no rinsing off or anything. That doesn't cut it for me. I like to bathe minutes before I have sex or if I can't bathe I am rinsing off.

Unfortunately I cannot speak for other women. But let me tell you, I've lived with many females and have to say that I am quite shocked to see how some women don't take pride in their hygeine.

Like I tell all my guy friends, be careful who you sleep with! You want a woman not a tuna fish!!
Latika@dreammakers said:
Like I tell all my guy friends, be careful who you sleep with! You want a woman not a tuna fish!!

You are a breath of fresh air hun. Please continue to post I enjoy reading your comments. Much more interesting than all the male shleps on here. (shhhhh, guys I am just kissing her sexy little ass mmmm mmm)
athaire said:
Smelly feet make me gag everytime.......:???:

One time at a spa, had a session with one of the hottest, most lushious women I've ever seen. Only one insy pinsy little problem. She peeled off her shoes and I nearly keeled over. One word::nasty!!!!! :-?:-?
Dapperdon said:
Good answer and I have to agree that I cannot have sex without being fresh ..
I used to pick up women at the bar etc and when I brought them home I would always make them take a shower ..its amazing at how many tried to avoid this ...I was put off by this and have no idea why someone wouldn't want to be clean for something so intimate
Also I want to state that I have seen latika personally and can vouch for her hygiene ...daty paradise ..not just saying that its really true of her
Its like the old expression have to smell something before you eat it ..that's why god put your nose over your mouth

Haha! I know where you're coming from. It's amazing how many men try to run away from taking a shower before getting intimate with me. What a turn-off!!!!

Damien is too funny!!!! I'll have to hook you up with someone I know who fits that criteria Damien!! xoxo
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