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IN-Call Billie@Roommates WOW!!!! What a Babe


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Dec 8, 2009
Well guys by pure fluke i had the opportunity to see Billie , she wasn't on schedule but Nikki let me know she decided to come in last minute. I'll try to keep this short and simple, i entered condo.. looks like they have been upgrading rooms since my last visit.. freshly painted and new single lever shower controls .. the old two control style were a pain to get good temperature.

Anyway i showered and entered big room with huge Mirror, i turned up the lights to enjoy this beauty!!
Now let me say it's has been a long time since my last visit with Billie and all i can say is WOW. I thought she was hot looking before, but she is even prettier TRUST ME!!

She has nice tanned soft skin, her hair is styled a Little shorter than last time which suites her look and makes her even more sexy and her bum looked spectacular much rounder than i remember.

I think she has been working out hard and on a real heath kick. She had a patch on so has quit smoking which is great as i don't care for the smell of smoke.
Quick Details:
She provided amazing DFK like a wild women , lost count of the number of positions she put me thru and the most flexible girl i have ever been with Period!!! .. she can spread those legs wider than the best gymnast out there and the tastiest clean shaven pussy i have had in a while. She is just a total bundle of energy !! All i can say is lucky my cardio was up to par as the sex was so good that we pounded almost none stop a good part of the hour ! .. okay partially cause i couldn't cum lol.. i think i thought i was in a porn film .

When i finally did cum.. and i had to actually try to cum , it was in doggy with her arching her back and turning to DFK with me.. what a view from behind !
Now I'm not the biggest fan of girls on top pounding but if you guys are into that but can this girl ever pound down on your rod, It was like a mechanical piston.But i did really enjoy her reverse CG.. unreal! legs spread in the splits position and her pussy gripping my cock.. did i mention how tight Billie is.. OMG Tight!! I Loved her. can't wait to see her again! She is a the total package!!
Re: Billie@Roommates WOW!!!! What a Babe

I had a hot session with Billie before christmas. She's a spinner. Slim body, slender hips, tight ass etc. The kind of hottie you'd zero in on at a nightclub. Menu included: DFK, DATY, BLS, DT/BBBJTCIM, DIGITS etc. Overall, looks/service right up there with cory and jessie. Highly recommend.
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