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Mar 27, 2010
So for the past little while I've had my eye on Billionaress and I finally decided to take the plunge and make an appointment. I pre-booked a few days in advance to assure me a good time and I awaited nervously and excitedly until Monday afternoon, when I headed downtown after work.

I arrived at Billionaress's ( ) incall location downtown and I knocked on her door. A few quick seconds and Kimberly answered the door and I walked inside the room, noting the sheer beauty of this woman who was dressed in a tight white print t-shirt and a lacy white thong. We walked inside and I immediately saw that she had decorated her incall in a very Christmasy fashion complete with indoor lights. I placed my donation ($380 for the hour) on the table and took off my shoes and jacket while Kimberly stripped off the t-shirt and sat down beside me. We started to chat until she came forward and kissed the BananaMan on the lips and we continued to chat in between kisses until we decided that we both were wearing too many clothes, so we shed what was left on at this point and resumed LFKing away sitting on the side of the bed. Kimberly does like to kiss and it shows in a good way. We fell onto the side of the bed and resumed cuddling and kissing away. She has extremly soft skin and very nice blonde hair. She looks IMO better than she does in her website pictures.

We continue LFKing and caressing away until I note that her hand started to traverse downward and soon Kimberly hopped up and grabbed a cover and put it on the Banana and started a nice slow CBJ up and down. Watching the blonde hair sway from side to side while cascading over her shoulders was such a turn on; her mouth doing its thing was almost enough to make me pop after about 5 or so minutes but I started to count fire engines and contained myself enough to suggest that she hop on Cowgirl and take a ride.

She excitedly grabbed a conveniently located bottle of lube and gave the latex-enshrined Banana a quick lube up and then hopped on, and soon the ambient tempature of the room got a tad warm as we were going at it, her leaning over and us LFKing every once in a while until I asked her to sit up, and then I got a magnificent view of those wonderful boobs bouncing in time with pelvic thrusts and I just had to inspect them further. I reached up and enjoyed playing with them while she was riding away. We continued along like this for about another 10 or so minutes until she slid off and chewed on the Banana some more until the BananaMan could not hold it any longer and blew a very enjoyable load while entranced in the vision of her sliding up and down the Banana.

Once I was finished Kimberly smiled up at me and grabbed some tissue to clean me up, and I had a drink of water as I was quite thirsty after such a workout. Kimberly cleaned herself up and sat beside me, and we resumed talking about various things untill we lied down again with her head resting peacefully on my arm as I rested on my shoulder leaning in to Kimberly sneaking kisses whenever I moved my head in an inch or so. Just lying there hearing our heartbeats going at a elevated pace was proof enough that we had just gone on an adventure!

Eventually our time was up, and I got dressed while Kimberly did the same. We continued to chat and kiss and I slowly made my way to the door in between even more kissing from her. Once at the door I lean in and show her how BananaMan says goodbye and after another one minute LFK session she opens the door and I walk to push the button for the elevator. I head to my truck parked in the parkade located across from her incall location, and take off for home. I get home and after taking a shower type this review, still smiling about the experience I just had.

I don't do L/S/A, but for looks Kimberly is gorgeous. Her body is immaculately cared for and her face enchanting. Her service was very good, although at times I did have to lead her into our next activity which is ok but I also enjoy when the girl takes charge. Her attitude was stellar throughout, I never felt uncomfortable nor did I ever think she was not paying attention.

Repeat: Yes.
Contact Information:
Rate: $380 for the hour
trisexual said:
$380 + lfk/cbj = waste of $$$

Depends on what your looking for I guess. I was happy enough with how she looked and while I'd have wanted a bit more on the menu and services side this is standard BC GFE, LFK and CBJ....

tiano said:
Vancouver seems to be the go-to-spot out west for sp pooning. No where near the same heat coming out of the calgary/edmonton sp scene.

Yup, certainly is...:D
Bend Over said:
Who are you dude, the King pooner of Vancouver :). Outstanding review once again.

Yup, that's Thanks :)

HOF said:
Glad you had fun.

However, my experience with ladies such as Billionaires, Victoria Jolie & Sensual Selina is less than stellar and not worth the bother.

I like to try everyone and that includes some ladies that are not everyone's cup of tea. What some like others don't exactly have much of a taste for, and that's totally cool too!

bogo said:
All due respect dude but wow, that is an expensive hour.

Krowsky said:
Thats for sure

Yes it is rather expensive for one hour, but I was happy with my time there and am glad I met her. I wanted to try her so I did, and didn't let $ stop me...that time.
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