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IN-Call Birthday Shinanigans part 2: Alena of DM TOFTT


Dec 5, 2009
You know what sucks? Birthdays only last one day.

So when you try to fit everyone who matters into your schedule, nevermind having to work for a living, it makes it a scheduling nightmare. Well, I decided to extend my birthday to include the week. On a spur of a moment decision, I called DM to see who they had available, and they suggested Polish new hotness, Alena.

Now being Polish myself, I've never actually been with a Polish girl. They tend to be rather conservative, which I am not, so I was a little hesitant. Nothing could be far from the truth. Alena is lovely, smart, open, and when the action started, sexy as hell. The pics are completely accurate, her face has a very typical European GND look.

Greeting was friendly with a hug an an LK, and she seemed delighted that she was meeting a countryman. Conversation was easy, and we found we had similar experiences growing up a very good start to the session. After the shower, she slipped into my arms for some intense DKF action. My hands roamed freely over her small body, exploring her soft skin over her firm body, her moans of appreciation urging me on.

My mouth joined my hands in exploring her body as my fingers deftly undid her bra, my lips centering around her lovely breasts (man-mades) and nipples, as I sat on the bed, my hands cupping those firm butt cheeks to press her closer to me. Her fingers slid through my hair as I suckled, and our breathing quickened, and I knew it was time to take things to the next level. I lifted her so easily, and lay her on the bed. Sliding her panties off, my eyes feasted on her shaven pussy, drawing in her scent. She made room on the bed for me as I slid between her, eyes locked on that delicious-looking cunt. Nipping at her breasts, then her sides (she's ticklish), then her stomach, I finally started running my tongue over her sweet folds, testing what will give her the most pleasure. My tongue-strokes increased as I sucked her lips into my mouth, tasting her fully till she couldn't take it anymore and had to pull away.

After a minute to give her a breather, we kissed intensely and switched position so she could return the favour. As she took my shaft into her mouth, all I could do was moan. Her mouth was soft, warm, and she sucked me in a way so tender, like a genuine girlfriend would do on the the first night we'd be together. I could have just laid there, enjoying that for hours. But I wanted to be inside her, I NEEDED it. So with another deep kiss, she climbs on top of me, lowering herself onto my cock, that delicious cunt even better than her mouth had been.

She starts rolling her hips as my hands return to exploring her body, clearly enjoying having me inside her. I breath deeply, delaying my orgasm, but it was difficult. I really wanted to feel her beneath me, so I lift her, gently flipping her onto her back, and enter her once more while she moans into my mouth. My hips start working on their own as I concentrate on kissing this beautiful girl, and we finally cry out as release claims us. After recovering, we cuddle, and engage in more talk. We find out we both speak French, so we switch to speaking that for the remainder of my stay.

Alena is completely new to the industry, but definitely not to sex. She brought a sincere desire to please into the session, making her for me, not the advertised PSE, but a wonderful, passionate, intense GFE. I really hope she stays for a while, because I would love to see her again.

PS: on my way out I got to meet Kenzie, another little blonde I now have added to my TDL.
Re: Birthday Shinanigans part 2: Alena of DM TOFTT

Hey Dreamblade think I will have my birthday for a week as well ;)
Friecken great review, one of the best I've read so far.

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