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Board hopping on the weekend


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Dec 19, 2009
I really wanted to get into chit chatting with Jemma tonight but found it hard to do with family scurrying around the house on a Sunday night. How do the rest of you get away with logging onto escort sites when you are not alone or have house hold members at home?
Re: Board hopping on the weekend

I just check my email for PM's or replies to threads that I'm subscribed to, otherwise it's only when they're not around during the day and late at night when they are...kinda like visiting the SP :)
Re: Board hopping on the weekend

I'm with Iceman, you have to be careful when family is around Jiggy. Last thing you need is for a family member to view your screen with an escort site window open.
Re: Board hopping on the weekend

Have my own private office at home and work like most of you Sundays is family time hard to get on it. Luckily this weekend was alone.
Re: Board hopping on the weekend

I was at a Grammy party but having a smartphone makes chatting a breeze. Told my friends that I was chatting with a girl, which was true.
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