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Sassy Angels Bonita Ruby @ Sassys review


Senor Gomes

Ruby is truly a hot Colombian beauty saw her 6 months after she started at Sassys. Petite frame would classify her as a spinner, no ounce of fat with beautiful lips and super soft skin. if you are looking for PSE experience best to move on but she provides an excellent GFE. She has adorable eyes when looking at you makes you melt.

Started with LFK kissed her all over and landed on her pussy lips, she is not the aggressive type so I had to lead. Whith her sexy accent she repeated how much she liked what I was doing moved to 69 with my fingers inside her. I then sat down in the couch and asked her for BBBJ very sensual and passionate but needs more experience. Rest of the session was just sweaty sex scene after another, what a feeling to be doing a 20 year old that enjoys herself.

Would recommend for those that like the sensual types.
iceman_dci said:
Her nipples look out of this world! Nicely done SG and Olayda is right, we're just here to have fun and play a little kiss and tell...Just thinking of it as a bunch of guys sittin' around drinking beer and tellling each other about the SP's we've seen and knowing that not one word will get back to any SO's :)

My type of guys , good review Gomes.
Also seen bonita fairly recently. Agree with above comments. What newbie sp's lack in experience, they make up for in freshness and an eagerness to please. Nothing rehearsed. Every gesture is genuine with this girl. From intial kiss on the lips to cuddling and chatting after mutual climax. Throughtout session, felt like I was on a first date with a girlfriend. Menu included lfk/dfk, bls/bbbj, daty, digits etc. Overall, combination of Bonita's beauty soft and senual style won me over. Recommend. 8/10
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