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Mar 27, 2010
So I just can't seem to stay away from the Den, and this morning I noticed that Breanna Fox ( ) was working so I quickly called the Den and made myself a lunchtime appointment.

Before I begin, I will mention that Breanna Fox is listed as open-minded, and I do agree that YMMV immensely with her. Fortunately no one can resist the BananaMan, and I got one of the best GFE sessions I have ever had at the Den!

I arrived at the Den in the pouring rain and did my final check (Cologne, mouthwash, donation) and ran to the door of the den, ascended the 19 steps to the second floor (Yes I counted!), rang the grey buzzer and was let inside. Quickly I paid my donation and got my traditional glass of water and soon I noticed a very attractive person sauntering down the hall to greet me. Breanna Fox is a 20 year old blond with a killer body, and under that oh so thin piece of lingerie I could see what was in store for the BananaMan!

She escorted me to room #4 and suggested that we grab a shower and I agreed. She soaped me up and while I was rinsing myself off she did the same to herself. We toweled off and made our way to the bed, and then the towels flew off (And the BananaMan almost knocked over a lamp! ) and I we started to chat until my lips met hers, and we started to kiss (YMMV) like I did back in high school, enthusiastic and care free. We were on our side at this point, and I tried out a move that I think I might patent where I slightly roll on top of her, hold her tight and swing myself and her too over top of me in one quick motion, essentially ending up with her straddling me. We resumed DFK'ing away; I love to kiss and she is an excellent kisser!

Those nice natural C's were just hanging there at this point, and I just had to get a closer inspection, so she slid upwards and I got to suck and nibble on those extremely responsive nipples all while her leg was rubbing the Banana, most hot! She slid down for some more kissing, and soon her lips traveled southward and she found my nipples and did her own version of sucking and gently biting both of them, and then she slid down even further kissing every half inch all the way to the BananaMan's waist, where she did a nice line across with kisses and then she enveloped the Banana with one movement, almost caught me off guard there! She started a very nice BBBJ (YMMV again) and went about business quickly and then slowly, then just playing with the head with her tongue and then back to quickly and slowly. This went on for about 5 minutes or so (Who's keeping time when a beautiful blond is on your Banana? ) until she came up for air and we kissed for about a minute more, and then she decided to say hello to the Banana again (Literally!) and more bj ensued for about another 2 minutes or so.

After this, she suggested that she grab a cover and she put it on and climbed aboard the famous Banana and let me tell you, this girl is tight! We started with some cowgirl and moved on to some sort of variation of cowgirl/grinding with her leaning back and resting on my ankles while thrusting her hips forward and back to match my rhythm which was a new experience for me, all the while making small moaning sounds with the occasional deep breath. This was a very good position for me to watch her boobs bounce back and forth (Who doesn't love watching that? ) and for me to watch her facial expressions. After a while she swung herself up to the cowgirl position and I noticed that she was breathing even harder than before, and her face was all scrunched up in rhapsodic bliss and she started to get louder, and now I could hear "Oh yea, oh yea, I'm almost there, that's it, that's it, that's it!" and then I could feel her pelvic muscles constrict and retract and I could feel her shake just a little bit but she continued on, thrusting and grinding away until I could no longer take it anymore, and the BananaMan grabbed her hips and started to move her faster and faster all while I could see her face with that "Fuck me now!" look and we started to converse "Yea?" "Yea" "Yea??" "YEA!!" and I blew one huge load right while staring into her intoxicating blue eyes. She continued to pump for another 20 seconds or so, just to drain every last drop from the BananaMan, and climbed off, grabbed some Kleenex and cleaned us both up.

She then tumbled into bed beside me and we kissed and made small talk for a while until we hopped into the shower and cleaned ourselves up. We towel dried off, got dressed and with a lingering kiss we checked to see who was in the hallway, and then she escorted me to the top of the 19 stairs and again a nice DFK kiss and I was on my way down and to my truck to return to work. That must have been the best lunch break I ever took, and hopefully I will return to this fabulous restaurant soon!

I don't do L/S/A, but for looks this girl is straight off the runway in terms of looks, and while she was and still is a model unlike those Victoria Secret catalogs most members here subscribe to, I had the real thing. For service this was one of my most memorable GFE sessions at the Den, which is surprising as she is listed as "open minded" so YMMV immensely with her. Her attitude was stellar, I never felt uncomfortable or rushed or anything except pure happiness.

Would I repeat: Without a doubt yes!
Contact Information:
Donation: $320/hr


Breanna is now an "Exclusive Fox", and as such her rate is now $420/hr, 2 hr minimum...But totally worth it! :)
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