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Vancouver Britney Tyler Fox - Review


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Mar 27, 2010
I had the good fortune to finally meet Britney Tyler the other day. Ever since my first SP encounter I've always wanted to meet Britney, her pictures are amazing and I was told her service was just spectacular. My lucky stars must have been in order as I was able to get a hold of her and make a two hour appointment.

Unlike my other reviews this one will not be graphic nor will it be overly descriptive. What I will say is that I had one of the best GFE experiences to date, in fact she is solidly in the top two GFE experiences I've ever had, period. My "afterglow" feeling that I get after a especially wonderful session lasted for hours and the next morning I couldn't help at smile as I looked at myself in the mirror, I was still re-living my time with her from the night prior.

Britney is an absolutely stunning and gorgeous young woman with wonderfully soft platinum blond hair cascading down to the middle of her back. Her nails were perfectly manicured and her make up was spot-on. I could not find a single fault with her body anywhere. Her natural D cup boobs were incredibly fun to play with and looked spectacular bouncing on her small frame. Her blue eyes were enchanting and her genuine interest in our conversations made me want to never leave. Her laugh was like an angel singing down from the heavens and her smile was like a quick glimpse of a field full of sunflowers, beautiful. Her soft spoken words made me quiver in anticipation of what would come next and her moans gave me the power of a thousand thoroughbreds beating down the race track just waiting to devour their pray. Her soft, sun-kissed skin was flawless and her lips were just as tasty as the juiciest peach in the Okanagan. She is a very passionate lover and a very, very sensual sexpot that deserves only the best. Any request I threw at her was accepted, matched, and returned in spades. Her only interest was to make me happy and to turn me into the king of the world, something that I certainly was. It is certainly safe to say that she is rather addicting and that I was kicking myself for not booking longer than I did. She literally is an actual model and was more than happy to give me my own personal fashion show with her erotic lingerie she brought with her. I'll never look at a fashion show the same way again!

It is a safe bet to say that Britney Tyler has ruined me for most other women now. After her GFE the bar has been raised to herculean heights. There is no question in my mind that I enjoyed every single minute I was able to spend with Britney, and I will repeat every single chance I can manage. Due to her other jobs and her day to day life she does not work often at all so I considered myself extremely lucky to have been able to catch her and see her. Like I said I've been waiting to unwrap this present for over a year now, and just like a little kid on Chrismas morning I was shaking in anticipation but as soon as I tasted her sweet kisses, inhaled her invigorating scent and saw her drop dead gorgeous face I knew I was in for a treat. Britney Tyler is the most BananaWorthy SP I've seen to date, period.

There is GFE, but Britney deserves her own class, Ultimate GirlFriend Experience.
Repeat: Without a doubt YES!
Donation Information: $840 for two hours plus hotel expenses
Contact information: 604-669-9475 or when I invited you over I didn't expect the motherload.......great reviews Anon.......:)

I know you will like it over here my friend........welcome......
Welcoma aboard Anonanon. I have notified the MOD who handles Top Reviewer section and Award about your reviews. He will get in touch with you soon.

Again, welcome aboard. Enjoy.

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Will do.

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Welcoma aboard Anonanon. I have notified the MOD who handles Top Reviewer section and Award about your reviews. He will get in touch with you soon.

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Anon. Thanks bud. What a great library of reading material. I'm going to read every one of these. I'll be hobbying on the left coast soon and this is a massive help. Have always wanted to visit the Foxes. Think I'll try Britny first.

Hey Athaire. Thanks for bringing this guy on board. 4X
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