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Jan 2, 2010

While at my buddy's pad, had the place to myself for a couple of hours, made the most of it and had a fun afternoon romp. When Brittany first arrived, first impression was that she had a cute lil body. Face was cute too, somewhat exotic, dark hair, blue-green smiley irish eyes, pouty lips etc. Fun began with DFK'ing, feeling each other up, my hands all over her tits and ass, hers all over my cock and balls. Fun continued with her down on her knees, taking my balls in her mouth while stroking my cock, then sucking my cock while tugging my balls, rinse, repeat. The rest of the session was all high-octane oral. Highlight was her instructing me to assume doggie position at the edge of the bed (face down, ass up) :razz: as she began lick up and down the entire shaft of my cock, running her tongue ever sooooo close to my asshole, then taking my cock into her mouth. Althugh I couldn't get much of a visual, the sounds coming from her mouth were driving me crazy. Moaning, slurping etc. She then began slapping my ass, taking my entire cock in her mouth, calling me her dirty lil whore, until I couldn't stand anymore, shot my wad all over mouth, lips, chin etc.

Brittany's reminds me one of the those party girls that goes to school during the week, but totally lets loose on the weekends. Next time in the area, would defintely pick-up the phone and call this lil cutie again.
adrenaline junkie said:
Hot review tiano. Gonna be in Brittany's neck of the woods in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.

Good luck on that AJ, I don't know anyone who's managed to contact her for weeks. Even the guy who owns the board she advertises on cannot reach her.
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