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Nov 6, 2009
This is definitely my last session for 2009 and I thought I would gamble. Brookes pics have always peeked my interest but the bad press and cbj have deterred me. That being said, when the mood hits, and the list comes out, and no one is available, my thinking comes down to, she's in a good location for me, price at 110 for 30 minutes how can I go wrong, and the pics look hot. What the heck, if it turns out to be a bad session I am only out a little bit of money and maybe an hour of my time in total.

KNOCK KNOCK and in I go, Brooke appears from behind the door and I give her the up and down. She was in her bra and panties and SHWINGGGG, this girl is hot. I was expecting a soft amazon type brunette, based on the pics. Brooke is dirty blonde with an awesome body. She did tell me she has been working out often and I must say it shows. Great booty, awesome rack and sexy legs. Facially I found her pretty, nice smile and sexy eyes. No tats worth mentioning, a few small ones on the arm, not big deal. Loved the feel of her skin, soft and smooth.

Service wise, LFK, DATY and DIGITS which she seemed to enjoy, act or not I liked it, and yes it was a CBJ but I knew this going in. I finished in an eruptive 69 position, just because I loved having Brooke sitting on my face while she did her thing on Little Ray, and not being able to see him covered, I could pretend it was a BBBJ. :)

I enjoyed my time with Brooke, she was friendly and just a nice girl to spend some time with and for the price, you really can't go wrong as long as you know going in the limitation and respect that, she is a blast.
Re: Brooke@Gspot

toocooldude said:
Nice review Rayden, there is still one more day before the new years. Go for it, do another ;)

Man such a bad influence around here, would you offer another cigarette to a chain smoker, or another drink to an alcoholic, NOOOoooo you wouldn't but sure, offer another hotty to a pervert and it's all good eh? One more day you say? Hmmmmm?
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