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Niagara Falls Bubby, bodacious blonde


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Feb 20, 2010
I arrived at the parking lot, called and she gave me the building code to get in. Got off the elevator on her floor and the door was slightly ajar. I open the door wider and OMG, the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen was standing in front of me, petite, slim frame, tight black miniskirt, great legs, black high heels, and a skin tight T, nipples poking through...

She pushed me back on the bed... start the tease...

stepped away, into the ladies room to pamper herself

returned and removed my pants and started giving me a sensual BBBJ and starting at me as if looking for approval of what she was doing. I was giving plenty of positive feedback as my head was spinning and my breathing was heavy.

Normally, I hate to share... but, I must admit... what little I write... was only the beginning :p

Still find myself walking up in a sweat...
Real Photo...

Real Photo...

Yes... her pic is real... she said she had them done by a photographer who used proper lighting... she worked at a TO agency, and as a dancer... fit as a fiddle... give her a call
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