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Buy and Sell Rules


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Nov 17, 2020
  1. Only non-commercial sales are allowed.
  2. One AD per day.
  3. Your AD should have a complete description of the item and, if possible, photos.
  4. Include the price you would sell for. If you are willing to trade, post what you will accept in trade.
  5. When an item is sold, please include the prefix “SOLD” in the title. DO NOT close or delete the thread. Leave the actual selling price in your post so other members can benefit from knowing what similar items have been sold for.
  6. Be respectful. DO NOT post harmful comments about someone’s AD.
  7. If you have bought an item, we encourage you to leave feedback in the thread.
  8. HUBGFE is not responsible for transactions between members. Transactions are at your own risk. Before buying, get full descriptions, pictures, and videos of the product. Talk to the seller on the phone and keep copies of all communications. If he/she tells something that makes you doubt, don’t do the deal.

If you’re not sure about posting guidelines, please contact a moderator!
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