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Dec 19, 2009
A short time ago I booked with Callie from Anastazias.
Description, pictures and info reasonably accurate although the quality of her pictures, since removed, made me wonder if I should or shouldn’t see her.

With so many newer ladies at Anna’s I relied on Kerri for some help. She suggested Callie after we talked about a few other ladies so I went with her recommendation. With the time of our meeting – close to 1am – and having been awake for close to 20hours put a damper on our get together.

Although I did find her body size a bit larger than I prefer, Callie’s service was good…DFK, BBBJ, conversation and everything you would expect from someone offering GFE. Other than being up for 20hours everything was great.

kissmyass said:
Nice review thanks for sharing LTO, why were you up for 20 straight hours?.
I'd like to say I was trying to relive my youth. lol
Just a lot of everyday stuff around the house and some (not local) family related matters that had to be taken care of. On top of that I promised myself that night was mine.

emotional intelligence said:
You're a braver man than me. Usually if I'm considering booking a sp, no pics usually mean no dice. Thanks for the review dude.
At the time I saw her she did have pics on the site but they've since been removed.The quality of the pics were a bit iffy...looked like they might have been taken with a cell phone.

Sorry for the delay in responding. E-mail notification for threads doesn't seem to be working for me for some reason. :cry:

Lou Pole said:
Thanks LTO nice effort, how long did you sleep when you hit the sack?.
Got a good 8-9 hours that night and I felt reasonable the next day after I took a 2 hour afternoon power nap.

s a l s a said:
Thanks for the review man. You mentioned she's a bit heavier than you normally prefer. How much does she weigh?
I think she's slightly heavier than her listed weight of 128...and some of that's around her midsection.

CallmeMatt said:
Must agree with EI but LTO had a good time, how overweight was she?.
I wouldn't say overweight, just more weight around her midsection than I prefer. Otherwise a real nice lady and reasonable service.

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