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Dec 29, 2009
Always a sucker for a big, bouncy, titties. Finally got a chance to book this gorgeous goddess recently. Got to the incall, was greeted with a kiss, cameron took my coat, asked me to jump into the shower. After a quick rinse, I head back to the bedroom and we immediately begin to DFK with some gentle tongue sucking. Spun her around to check out her ass. Cameron's got an amazing f**kin ass!! Told her I had to taste it!!! She climbed up on top of me and sat her hot f**kin ass right on my face. I began tongue f**king her asshole. Squealing with delight, Cameron, began face f**king me with her ass. Sensing she was totallly into it, I slipped a finger in her ass while licking her clit, till she came right in my mouth. As she gently pulled away from my face, there was a string of white sticky cum on my lips sretching from her dripping wet pussy. Wanting to feel my cock inside her, I jumped off the bed, grabbed her by the hips, and start banging her away doggie style. Combination of the mirror reflection of those big bouncy titties, and her squeezing my cock with her pussy, I was gonna f**kin explode any second. I pulled out, tore off the candy wrapper, told her to kneel down and I blew my massive load all over her cum soaked titties.
Afterwards, we just laid there on the bed for a couple of minutes catching our breathes. Cameron left for a moment. She returned and was nice enough to bring back a fresh towel and offer a refreshment. I had to be mobile to beat the traffic home, so I declined. Overall, fun time with a hot girl. Will repeat.

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