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Nov 14, 2009

I saw Cassidy a while ago and man is she addictive! Given my extensive TDL, I have done few repeats for the last little while, but I was in the mood for my Cassidy fix and she's not in town that often, so I pre-booked her and as soon as an available appointment opened up, I jumped at the opportunity and scheduled an appointment. Mike, the phoneguy at Entourage was very helpful as usual and did an awesome job in setting it up and making it happen.

The hotel was centrally located in the downtown core and easy to find. After getting the room number, I went up to the room and knocked on the door. Cassidy opens it and she looked really hot and dolled up in her sexy outfit. As soon as she sees me, she had a big smile on her face, as she remembered me from my last visit and greets me with a big hug and kiss. We then chit- chat for a bit and caught up on old times. She was definitely more outgoing and had a good sense of humour, not as shy and reserved the previous time I saw her. I take care of business and take one of the fastest showers on record.

When I came out of the shower and she was still fully clothed in her sexy outfit (at my request), I grasp her tightly and we start making out. She is a great kisser and like the last time, took it to another level. While this is going on, we are both groping each other and my hands are at work removing her clothes, which are flying everywhere and in every direction and we continue making out all the way to the bed. I was just in awe of her D-cup boobs, so perfect and soft and very responsive to my tongue and fingers. One of the best racks that I have seen! She giggled when I told her how fabulous they were.


DATY/digits - It was great. I spent some quality time down there and she appreciated every moment of it with her soft moaning which got louder as she approached her moment of climax. I found her kitty to be perfect, very clean and tasty and awesome. If I had the time, I could spend all day down there.

FS - Her BBBJ skills were much better than before. Her skills had improved, not to say that she was not good the first time around, because she was. We spent a lot of time in doggie and reverse cow-girl, as her perfect bum gave such a great visual, as I am pounding her from behind and while she is riding me in reverse. She rode me CG and her great boobs are a great sight to see bouncing up and down. While this was going on, I paid great attention to them to her delight. Went back to doggie, while grabbing her boobs and pounded her hard for my only SOG. Wow! I was sweating at the end.

Afterwards we both just lay in bed for some cuddling and chit chatting. Found her to be very intelligent and definitely one who will go places at whatever she decides to do. I then jumped in the shower, got dressed and she gives me a big hug and kiss as I leave.

Thanks Cassidy for giving me such a great time. I was in the mood for a passionate, sensual, GFE and you delivered beyond expectations.

Treat her well guys, because despite her age (20 I believe), she is a true gem one definitely one of the rising stars in this industry.

Face: 8.5/10 - very cute face, hazel eyes, long wavy red hair and a amazing smile. One of the best smiles I have seen.
Body: 9/10 - Toned, she takes good care of herself. Boobs, a D cup - They are real and spectacular! Nice bum, Flawless skin. She has such a great body!
Service: 9/10 - Tries very hard to please.
Personality: 8.5/10 - Cute, sensual, fun-loving, great sense of humour, once she opens up to you.
Hygiene: 10/10
Damage: $250 (1 hr appointment)
Would I repeat: Yes
Re: Cassidy @ Entourage

How difficult is she to book these days? I haven't even bothered trying to see her as I assume that she has a line-up each time she books on.

Will she be working more in the New Year?
Re: Cassidy @ Entourage

She's a student and only works a couple of weekends a month. Call the number and speak with Mike or Zoran; book well in advance... Cassidy is worth every moment you wait.
Re: Cassidy @ Entourage

Thanks for your comments guys - neverenoughsex, theman, toocooldude, Lone Wolf, Beenthere123, All4one , iceman_dci, Dapperdon, etc

neverenoughsex said:
Another excellent review KR. Would you see her a third time?
For sure, but most likely it will be in a duo situation. I think it would be hot seeing Cassidy with another woman, especially after 4X revew of his duo with her and Melody.

iceman_dci said:
Nice review...she goes on the Red Head TDL for sure. Entourage has a nice assortment of ladies, Natalia being high on my TDL.
I totally agree, they have a great selection and Natalia is definitely hot! There are others others on my TDL like Melody, Isabella and Alina. I wish they would hurry up with their website though.

Dapperdon said:
Great review , I MUST see this woman !!
She is definitely worth seeing and you will not be disappointed.

oagre said:
How difficult is she to book these days? I haven't even bothered trying to see her as I assume that she has a line-up each time she books on.

Will she be working more in the New Year?
Try pre-booking her as she usually only works 2 weekends a month. Not sure if she will be working more in the new year, as she is in college. Try talking to Mike or Zoran about her availability.
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