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IN-Call Charlie Girl and Marilyn Monroe


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Dec 11, 2009
I had Charlie girl on my TDL, but was a bit intimidated due to her long list of very positive reviews. Well she was a breeze from the emails to the phone call and finally to the moment we met. She answered the door in a sexy Red Christmas tunic and Santa hat. We laughed as the outfit kept falling down and Charlie said she needed bigger tits to hold it up!! It was the ice breaker I needed. I was pleasantly surprised about so many things that Charlie Girl brought to me. First she looks like Marilyn Monroe. She has eyes to melt any man or! We started our time with a glass of wine and a toast of what was to cum!!! You have never kissed a women until you kiss this vixen. She should be teaching "Kissing Classes to the Population" We made love to each others mouths for at least 15 minutes. I can say that I was totally turned on and was now only thinking with my other "head" It was like I had fallen in love with her. I just wanted her sooooo bad! ENOUGH, she said as she pushed me back and wanted, no demanded my cock. I have had many a blow but this women does it different...I am sure you will be pleased. I nearly came three times as she looks at you with vixen appeal. You would swear that your cock was being sucked by Marilyn Monroe!! She loves cock...period. I was getting close to the point of blast-off. My turn now, as I now had her wide open for my five senses. She loves to spread. She is sweet in more ways than one, and I had the best time licking her from one end to another. On came the raincoat, which she puts on with her mouth...I did not want her to stop and we fucked like two teenagers. I was going as hard as I have ever gone, with her tits flying back and forth. I could not stop and I exploded. It is all over right...not with this insatiable slut. She has muscles in her pussy that will not allow you out....and I am not kidding. I was still excited, and took her nipples into my mouth and gave them a hard ride. I swear that if I sucked them any harder they would have come off. Charlie really loves this, and it was not too long before she squirted all over me. We were now both exhausted! We finished the bottle, kissed some more and got comfortable. There was no rush and I was made to feel like a stud. When I got home I had an email waiting for me...." Did anyone ever tell you how sexy you are " That's it!!! I gonna propose next time I see her. ...and I will.....see her that is...LOL Every man owes it to himself to see what a true GFE is like and only Charlie girl answers the call :D :D :D
Re: Charlie Girl and Marilyn Monroe

Great and funny review Wouddy, I can confirm everything you wrote. This babe is a true GFE, oh can still remember her kisses ;)
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