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IN-Call Charlie Girl - MMMMMMMMM MILFY


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Dec 19, 2009
I got some long overdue reviews to get to. Visited Charlie Girl back in Dec. She has a nice little spot in Etobicoke, right off the highway. She greeted me wearing an oh so naughty Christmas outfit. Jumped into the shower and she was waiting on the bed for me. Started with a little small talk then DFK. I thought for a second Charlie was going to swallow my tounge. We made out for a good five minutes or so.

Now I've read the reviews and heard about her legendary BBBJ technique. I was about to see for myself what all the hype was about. Charlie Girl has this humming thing while blowing you that is out of this world. Lots of eye contact and BLS to boot. OMFG I was in heaven. FS was great but I'm thinking of having an oral only session with her someday and I'll probably book for two hours as one just isn't enough with her.
Re: Charlie Girl - MMMMMMMMM MILFY

PD i have seen Charlie girl too.. She is one great lady!! She is soooo freaken funny!! and she can even make a joke when her mouth is full lol :twisted:
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Well done PD, yes this babe is amazing. You guys have to experience her BBBJ and let her swallow your Jr through her pussy.
Its Amazing :cool:
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If she did, I was enjoying myself too much to notice. She's got a special on for this month for those of you who haven't experienced her "magic" yet.
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iceman_dci said:
I must see this legend!! There are times when an oral session will take care of the needs just fine and she looks like she fits the bill :)

Yes you must she will blow you in more ways than one. Thanks PD for the positive review.
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