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Jan 7, 2010
I will keep this short and to the point. Below you will find the the important details of this review.

GFE- NO, I don't classify a 30 second knob lick a BBBJ.
Fitness model- NO, although she is a good looking woman but a tad soft. A little time at the gym would fix that.
Value for my hard earned $195.00 for 45 minutes out of my life- NO, I would not repeat.
FS- I pumped my jackhammer for all it was worth and this did make up for the above misfortunes.

I will add it was obvious Daty was not being enjoyed and Digits I was told were not allowed. I know I could have spent less and received more but C'est La vie.

This girl does have a lot of potential because of her looks; she just needs to show she wants to be in this line of work, which is not for everyone.
Iambad said:
So why is she still in business?.

Simple, men are easy prey to a nice set of legs and a pretty smile. Her service is sub par and yet she claims to provide GFE.

Thank you Repo for not sugar coating it and telling it as you see it! Keep it up!

It is also nice to see no white knight activity on this board so far!
Thanks Repo, I actually was going to try and hook up with this lady on the weekend but something came up so I didn't bother. Guess I got away with one this time, whew!

Wilsonjso said:
Thanks for heads up Repo. Could you provide more info about her please? Indy?Agency? Craigslist? Link?

Maybe I can help out with this question, since I did have her info handy for my eventual appointment which now is going to be put on hold.

You can only email her and supposedly she responds right back.
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