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Sassy Angels Claudia @ Sassy-belated review


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Jan 5, 2010
I'll keep this short(yeah, right).A few months ago I felt the need so I got on the phone. I called for literally every girl on my TDL - even the duo and indys and got nothing - I guess they heard I was coming. The lovely Jen @ Sassy's thought I might like Bella or Claudia. Bella has a CBJ rep, three letters that make the hair stand up on my balls (wait, I don't have any hair on my balls) . I opted for since I wrote this review I have learned first hand that Bella's rep is untrue, she give a delicious bbbj.

I walked in without knocking - a nice touch at Sassy's - and there was the Latin beauty. Black and gold tight mini dress with black mesh thigh highs and heels..nice start. Long back hair and beatiful eyes, she looks young and has a LND look (Latina next door). Juicy sensual lips and she loves to kiss. She has a toned body, lovely perky B's with responsive eraser nipples and a J Lo firm ass. Sexy spanish accent ( she's from Nicaraugua )

We kissed and groped and I hopped in the shower. I came bursting back into the room, my steel lancet leading the way and there she was........wait a second, that's wrong...the room was empty. wtf? Soon she came back in and apologized. She kissed me deeply while cupping my balls..I forgave her. Got down on her knees and started a slow wet sensuous BBBJ. She valiantly tried DT with some sexy gagging, but couldn't get down. Pushed her head down and she spent lots of time on BLS while I looked in the huge mirror behind her. Her on her knees,that wonderful ass in a black thong and the tan lines on her back. Talk about yer panoramic vista!

I lay down on the bed and she kept sucking,saying " I cood leek your cock all day" - Hey..I'm booked down for the afternoon, knock yourself out. I rolled up my knees and she went to taint, closer..closer, but damn, my RJ streak was broken at 5. She lay on her side and I face fucked her slowly. She took it much deeper this time with lots of Mmmmm,Mmmmm moaning and I almost lost it. On went the ghost costume and reverse CG - my first time with that I see what all the fuss is about with that sweet ass to molest and spank

Went on to CG,Mish and doggie - her moaning and talking throughout. Then my favourite - her lying on her stomach, me standing at the edge of the bed for wicked BBBJ and Balls while I watched her ass grinding into the bed.. Again, a mirror behind her showing a tempting slit. I asked her to open her legs " why, joo like dee view?",she said with a little smile. She spread 'em and the rose garden opened up. Then she went medievil on my balls and I finished the last few strokes myself. Suddenly I realized that I didn't know where I could unload so I pointed away from her face,toward the bed and came on her arm... :? ( my first COA ). Later she said normally with GFE it's into the condom or general surrounding area, but she said she was having a nice time and didn't mind.

We chatted for a while and she was so sweet - pretending to laugh at my lame jokes. eg. we were talking about carreers and she said " I suck at teeching" and I replied with rapier wit: " Yeah, but you're great at sucking ". She laughed like I was Henny Youngman. We had time for a second act which was an enthusiastic BBBJ, BLS with lots of sensuous moaning and this time I came on myself..great, no extra charge for my own PSE finish.

Overall a fantastic hour which left me skipping to my car. If there was a negative it was that her kitty is only trimmed and pretty stubbly ( at least on that day).... I'm really into the smoothies, but hey, you can't have it all. Gracias mi bonita Claudia.. Hasta la vista, mutherfuckers.
Re: Claudia @ Sassy-belated review

Beenthere123 said:
:lol: :lol: you crack me up bud. Amazing and funny review. 2 reviews of her in one day, sorry theman but take notes of Olayda's :D

Thanks bro'. I thought the man's review was excellent, just a different style. If you want a useful, no nonsense account of what you're getting for your 250, read his.

If you want lots of nonsense, read mine.
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