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Cops beat up the wrong guy.


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Jan 18, 2010
Less than 24 hours earlier, Vancouver police stated in a news release a man received minor injuries to his face while being arrested on Tuesday in the early morning hours. Plainclothes police had knocked on the wrong door and encountered a middle-aged man who didn't understand English very well, spokeswomen Constable Jana McGuinness stated.
Re: Cops beat up the wrong guy.

Wu Hoo , Plays his cards right and cha ching . He will legitimately be scared especially if this is the first
time he experienced the paid protectors attacking him without extreme provocation . Black eye for Police as well .
Re: Cops beat up the wrong guy.

Cops should be charged with aggravated assault. It was also Vancouver where a Polish man died after being tasered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police not too long ago. What is going on there?
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