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IN-Call Cory @ RM is breathtaking.


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Feb 1, 2010
Knowing through reviews here and other sites RM opens their doors early. Ventured through the unknown called this morning to see their availability for a noon meeting. Lady on the phone said Cory was reachable. Booked her for 45 minutes, recalling she has a NRP on other sites but not here will write a courteous evaluation of my time with Cory.

Young blond hair hazel eyes, enormous man made c' cup, slim fit and athletic exceptionally good looking with a sweet accommodating personality. She was wearing black lingerie and stockings. One of the best sessions of the decade. Easy to lead and a true GFE.

Had a nice chat and tells me she has been away since November on a travel journey. Today is her first day back. She is incredibly sweet and intelligent, plan to visit her soon. Maybe Sunday, tells me she will be working then.
king21 said:
Are you sure she does not have a NRP here? Mods?

Can't agree with you more Albino, she is breathtaking!, I saw Cory on her 1st day at RM, My jaw must have hit the floor when she came round the hall corner to greet me!

King21 have spoken to Sara after reading Albino's review and says as long as it is not explicit she is fine with it.
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