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LickingGravity said:
Yup I'm closer to 6 than 8 as well. She looks like the sister of the sp SSG from yesterday.

She does doesnt she lol

Ok Im going 7.5 on this one,
granted she hasent exhaled in the photo but I agree probably no modeling experience at all.....
ok and the second picture reminds me so much of this girl I was after in high school....wasnt getting anywhere, so ended up sleeping with her friend (my second her first) so that kinda screwed my chances with her lol
(ok Maurice theres one of those wish I hadnt missed the opportunity things you picked up on lol)
Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

^^^^^ SUNshine Girl Angie would very much like to own a house on the ocean, on her own private island. She just returned from an island in the Bahamas, where she spent a good amount of her time working on her tan. This 5-foot-7 Pisces loves going to movies and steak houses, as well as rollerblading and dancing. Bad news, Angie. Can't do any of that stuff on a private island. (Jack Boland photo)

Can't say this one needs to lose a few, she's got a stomach to die for.

Bolt-on deduction though.

I notice they didn't post her age...while she's probably mid to late 30's, and is looking good for her age, she most certainly isn't SSG material.......least not imo......

I wish to fuck SOMEONE would teach these women how to properly fit a fricken BRA.....someone please tell her she ain't a D cup, that's probably wishful thinking.....
Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Up against the wall! says SUNshine Girl Cynthia, 20. This 5-foot-3 Virgo wants to be a police recruiter. If she could, this multilingual volleyball and soccer fan would recruit Canadian UFC fighter George St-Pierre and take him for a spin on her Ducatti motorbike. Now that's an arresting development! (Jack Boland photo)

She's cute in her own way but is to heavy for a pin up.

Muscular? I don't seen any toning in her legs at all.....just a dumpy asian is all...


As for yesterday's and the lipo comment: yeah, I've seen more than a couple of 40 and 50 yr olds with flat tummies. Yoga, exercise and eating right will do that every time. The problem is most 40 and 50 yr olds don't give a crap anymore so they go the lipo route...
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