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SUNshine Girl Cara is a kind-hearted person who hopes to work in a hospital or a doctor’s office some day. In the meantime, Cara keeps busy playing basketball or cheering for her favourite team. She also likes country music and spending time at the beach. (Ernest Doroszuk photo)

Nice GND, probably would be great girlfriend material. Not doing much for me as hottie material, but you don't always need to be a hottie. B+!
SUNshine Girl Hailey dreams of living in California, and anyone who has lived through a Canadian winter knows exactly how she feels. The brown-eyed Leo isn't into sports, but she really enjoys spending her free time on her Macbook. Reading it on a beach in California, perhaps? (Ernest Doroszuk photo)

On the plus side, great ass, and she fits in skin-tight clothes nicely. On the minus side, she seems to have an enormous head! B!
SUNshine Girl Caitlin is a blue-eyed single who dreams of becoming a registered massage therapist. When she’s not relaxing on the dock at the cottage, you can find Caitlin hitting the ATV trails or rocking out to the music of Canadian country star Paul Brandt. (Dave Abel photo)

Wholesome looking GND. Not a lot of skin to see here. B-!
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