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Steels Royal Massage Daniella @ SRM


Sep 4, 2015
what can I say?
She has got a fairly pretty face, typical french features. Her massage is fairly good. The reverse allowed me to grab on to the firmest tush in many many years. The legs were clamped shut and she told me that that particular region was off limits. I told her that I would only pay for a reverse and to pass on the slide. Got to the flip and the poor girl tried and tried but to no avail. I told her she better go to the slide cause it wasn't going to happen. I then got her to go to the 69 so I could have a great view and
repeat, To be honest she is ok in the looks department. The pics on the site show a tighter tummy but I shouldn't talk. I enjoyed chatting with her, seems like she has her head on her shoulders. Hope she keeps her wits about her and doesn't have the job suck the life out of her.
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