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IN-Call Daphne, Mirage - Finally



After waiting almost 18 months for my schedule and hers to line up, was finally able to secure three hours with this highly sought after and clearly revered young lady. Arrived on time and would have to say Daphne wasn’t what I was expecting at all – and that’s not bad thing!

I hadn’t anticipated a number of things turning out as they did – she’s so beautifully delicate and felt so much better than dreamed of with her smallish A cups pressed against me, nipples hard as rock, her warm tiny bum fitting ever so perfectly into the palm of each hand while she DFK’d me passionately, eyes open, somewhat urgently. The softness of her eyes and smile, and how very very shy and reserved she seemed for such a renowned and experienced SP. At moments thought she might be as nervous as I was, which was so odd.

Her look is absolutely unique, IMHO very appealing and exciting, and she is very easy going and approachable which I appreciated during a first meeting.

We moved to the bed for what I would call a very extended, passionately sensual, and very intense session filled with all my usual preferences, but all in a very intimate and personally connected way…Here’s the rub with Daphne…she makes you feel like every fibre of her being is intensely focused on pleasing you every second you’re together…during oral, during doggie, during mutual masturbation, the way she caresses your privates, during kinky play, and everything else – she maintains a very close and intimate connection with you with her eyes, body and touch, yet somehow manages to actually say very little….very erotic and satisfying approach to sexual fulfillment and SP service, I must say.

I managed one great SOG on her bum as a doggie finish and although we had planned a messy facial/cim finish for SOG #2, Daphne drove me so wild with her self-pleasuring nipple and clitoral fingering show, I lost control and finished 2 SOG across her swollen little breasts.

Highlights for me were her look – just wish I could find the words to describe; doggie with great eye contact, wet lips slightly parted, and the gleam of her bum slick with cum reflecting in the low light of our suite. Her sensual BBBJ was indeed very soft, but her wicked side was revealed as she simultaneously crushed my balls in her palms for painful effect, the sexual cruelty clearly visible in her eyes as she looked up at me and forced my cock deep into her throat.

Overall, a great session with a great lady. I would mention that even legends have feelings, and are human at the very core. If you choose to see Daphne yourself, try to remember she is in fact a very sensitive young woman whose sole desire in a session is to see you happy and sexually satisfied. Please be respectful, leave your expectations and attitude at the door and go slowly to start. Daphne mentioned she’s been hurt lately by some negative and largely inaccurate comments, which showed her vulnerable side, and whatever she’s heard or read, it was still very close to the surface when we chatted.

Ratings (very subjective and just OMHO)

Face: 8.5
Body: 8
Attitude: 10+
Service: 10+ (would willingly pay $500/hr for sessions with this beauty)

Repeat: Yes, but clearly scheduling is an issue for both of us, and I could be dead in another 18months if Greta, Tessa or Britney get their hands on me again (not to mention Jemma!) :razz:
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Demien when I saw Daphne I came with the same mental attitude as you. Hope members here learn from your good advice, this babe is special but guys must know how to play the game.
If so then you will have a great time with her.
severeaddicted said:
8.5 for face, have seen reviews that rate her 9-9.5/10. Will take your word for it.

Looks are so subjective...Daphne is a very attractive lady, but my preferred fetishes trend me in a different direction, so those types of ladies would be 9/10's on my scale....But Daphne is definitely a head turner on any street or in any club.
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